VCF FOC 2016 video’s done!

In light of the current shitstorm over sexualized university orientation camps, I feel quite happy to present the completed video of VCF’s 2016 Freshmen Orientation Camp. Like, hello guys, you can have perfectly good and clean fun (and make great friendships!) without having to resort to things like that. I don’t quite get the point, but maybe that’s why I found one camp much more enjoyable and meaningful than another camp.

I’ve pretty much typed out everything that I wanted to in the description section of the video, so yea. Since coming back from the VCF camp, I wanted to make this video, but kept putting it off as I was at another camp for most of the next week, then was busy meeting up with some friends the previous week. So getting it done before school started seemed like the best idea.

One more video for the showreel! To nobody in particular haha, since I’m not a CNM student. Finally, it’s done~!

Also, if anybody wants to take PS2257 – Contemporary African Politics, be prepared to pay through the nose for it. It’s pretty popular (relative to other PS mods anyway). (Un)surprisingly, PS3240 – International Security is not that popular, due to the consensus from those that have taken it to be ‘bloody hell it should be a 4k mod!! so many readings -.-‘ or…something like that. Good luck to everyone there ^^ me too thanks


Pain(t)Ball & Counter Pain(t)

Got jio’d by a couple of church friends yesterday during band prac for an impromptu paintball session today, went along and helped them in the video editing for publicity purposes.


I quite like how the video turned out. Imo, no video can be made exactly the same if it’s edited by two different editors as they would naturally have their own style. The style I follow is that of following the music/audio track and timing visuals to it to take advantage of the link between a person’s sense of sight and hearing. There’s just something satisfying about hearing a sound and seeing a corresponding visual effect or image that makes me think this is the way I want to go in editing my videos.

A track like ‘Stand And Fight’ is relatively straightforward to make a video out of, so it’s not an amazing feat by any means. It’s short (which helps if one lacks sufficient materials), has a punchy feel and escalates at a predictable pace, which endears it to the viewer who is then able to anticipate that a visual image will be shown at a particular beat, but is kept purposefully unaware of what the actual image is until it’s shown.


In other news, I’ve spent a bit of time playing Kritika SEA and will be working on some drum covers as well as a SMUN 2016 video. Trying out a new, grand style for that video that differs slightly from my SMUN 2015 recollections. Said SMUN 2016 video will require a lot more time than was spent in the CounterPaint video though, so expect an upload by the end of this week. I’ll also write my thoughts about the recent MUN (when it’s uploaded) here~