RwR 25/12 to 31/12

Pretty much just SWAT 2017.

SoTW: Start Again – Lucas King / Hallelujah to the Lamb – Don Moen

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Milestone and a couple of reviews

A day or two late, but 8k views for this blog is quite nice. Also wrote a couple of reviews (here and here) but having trouble getting the link for the second review so I’ll update it in the future when it’s working again.

Planning to write a couple more if I can tomorrow afternoon/evening, but from Sunday onwards I’ll be busy with some church Xmas stuff and going for another VCF camp from Mon to Sat (looking forward to it ๐Ÿ˜€ but gotta prep some stuff). So drum covers and gaming stuff will have to wait I guess.

This holiday seems to be passing a lot quicker than I expected. Ah well.