Another milestone

Pretty interesting how the views spike for this page when bidding season approaches (although one doesn’t have to bid for CFG1010, I suppose most clicking on the review do so to find out more about their preallocated mod).

Down with a bit of flu this few days, so there goes my plans to record some drum covers before school starts. Will probably be resting at home instead as I’ve got a busy weekend coming up =.=


Fortunately no fever, but it would be cool to have a temperature sensor on one’s arm.

Still alive


No fever, but the usual flu.

Am back from camp, but down with illness. Probably the result of insufficient sleep and a lot of exertion over a few days.

I had intended to write a ‘yay, 1k hits’ post when the blog first surpassed 1k hits, but that happened while I was away at camp. In any case, that date of >1k hits would be July 11th. A large portion of traffic in recent days has came largely from the interview with Vanilla Dream, which is probably representative of their popularity among their fans. In the first couple of days after the interview was published, it got 6 views and 2 the following day.

One Facebook post by VDT later, it clocked 80 views on that very day and 44 the day after. This huge jump may go down after a bit, but I expect it to stabilize (in the medium term) at roughly the same number of views as the module reviews that see about 10~15 views per day.

Speaking of module reviews, I had planned to finish up the last three reviews when I was back from the camp, so I might do it this weekend when I’m feeling a bit better. Also a couple of drum covers may be recorded next week.

Finally, I (likely) won’t be writing a reflection for the recent camp in the same way that I did for the VCF FOC as I’m still not quite sure how I felt about it. The planned VCF FOC 2016 compilation video will also have to wait until I’m well again before I decide if I’m still going to do it.

Until then, I’ll be resting.