Ten years…

A while back, I wrote a short post about my Runescape history and ended with a bit of reminiscing. For those that still do play this game, they might know that the game has a ten year anniversary cape for the old birds to come back and get it.

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Ainzu Ooal Gown

Have just founded a Runescape clan, and wrote a pretty nice recruitment piece (if I do say so myself).

Bascially the clan’s just a place for other semi-retired/retired vets of F2P Runescape to hang out in. It’s also going to be part of the cosplaying/roleplaying in-game when the clan has many inactive members (as in the anime, so in the game).

All in all, I don’t expect many people to join something like that, where the lack of clan affiliation is little different from being affiliated to a clan like this. One might be surprised though, but I’m not holding my breath on it. Just waiting for finals to be over to clear my goals in the game before going into semi-retirement upon meeting them, then full retirement after collecting my 10 year Vet cape in November.

Maybe I’ll write a piece on my experiences in the game as well, with the benefit of hindsight. Possibly~