A short story continuing from where Loss ended.

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3k hits, 友達 and a new set up~

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The blog recently surpassed 3k hits on July 28th, which was quite surprising since July 22nd was just my 2k hits post. Daily hits have dropped since that record day (28th), so that’s only to be expected since I presume most would’ve around found and made a (Y/N) call on whether they wanna do that mod.

Also made a new 友達 haha~ (thanks for letting me into your world ^^, you should write reviews tooo!)

Added a new screen to my desktop. Previous set up was an old 19″ Samsung SyncMaster SA300 and a 15.6″ AOC E1659FWU, found a 21.5″ Samsung SF350 for S$148 from Fuwell in SLS. A 1080p monitor for less than S$150 is quite hard to find outside of IT fairs, so I bought it.

New set up looks great! Reversed this source pic and used the free version of DisplayFusion to offset the wallpaper on the rightmost monitor (AOC) to make Biribiri’s Biribiri straight.

Last week of holidays up ahead before school begins again. Glad to have a new set up for working on stuff since I hardly watch animes now. Or anything. Or game, for that matter.



Reflections for VCF FOC 2016: Light Source

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I’ve had a good nap after coming back from the camp today, and thought of writing a few messages to my group as well as other individuals from other groups. I did write notes, I did go up during the Open Mic session to talk a bit, but I felt that what I said during the Open Mic wasn’t well prepared and came off as being somewhat awkward (and poorly thought out.) What follows is thus a more…composed piece that I hope will find you well.

But first, a short bit about the Now Playing song: I’ve heard this song in the past, but never knew what it was called. Then when they sang it on the second or third day, I was like “ohhhhhhhhh…”. This is quite a nice song, and I will definitely, definitely do a cover of it someday. Perhaps in a couple of weeks maybe?

Alright. I’ll begin with what I had shared with a few people but not extensively with the rest of the group, followed by what I had planned to actually say during the Open Mic session and round up with some shoutouts to other group members~

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SMUN 2016

At long last, the compilation video I had imagined has been completed. It looks quite nice if I do say so myself, perhaps if I learned AfterEffects it would look better.

Almost one week ago (down to the hour), SMUN 2016 ended. I had planned on it being my second and last MUN, with my first MUN being SMUN 2015 where I attended as a delegate within the UNHCR Council. After finding it quite fun, I made a compilation video of my Council and how MUNs generally went (macro, not micro, view).

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