RwR 3/4 to 9/4

Looking at the blog’s stats, I’m seeing a lot of hits for the Dreamweaver post. Glad that it’s hopefully of some help to others.

Also played drums again for service over the past weekend. My last time I’m scheduled before finals come. Uploads perhaps over the next few days.

Edit: Here are the links:

Hillsongs – Captain

Chris Tomlin – Blessed Be Your Name

Carl Boberg – How Great Thou Art

Bethel Music – Be Enthroned

SoTW: You Are My Hiding Place (Cello by Robinson Thompson-Clarke) – Selah

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Steamrolled Inhibitions: Aum Shinrikyo’s motivations for the 1995 sarin gas attack

One reading which I was assigned last semester revolved around learning about the Aum Shinrikyo gas attacks in the Tokyo subways of 1995. A pretty good documentary has been made about the incident, but for those that aren’t looking to procrastinate for 46 minutes, a quick read of the relevant Wikipedia article would be enough to fill you in on what happened.

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