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One team, one dream!


Shortly after writing the essay on Singapore’s odottemita subculture and its corresponding addendum, Vanilla Dream, a Singapore dance and vocal group, started their first radio show titled ‘Vanilla Dream Scoops!’. This increased professionalization seemed a pertinent example of one of the points raised within the essay, and I reached out to Vanilla Dream seeking their permission to write an article about them.

They responded positively and were interested to meet up for an interview, which was concluded recently. I’d like to thank them for taking time out of their day to prepare and meet up for the interview; the transcript of which is shown below. Without their prompt response, participation, patience and considerable assistance, this article would (quite definitely) have not been written.

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Upcoming absence and updates

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There used to be a function in Movie Battles 2 that would automatically state the track’s name and other details which one was listening to in-game. A cool feature, and WordPress should definitely have something like that. There’s probably a plugin but as I’m not using the self-hosted version of Word nor the paid versions where plugins are available, manual typing will suffice. Maybe in the future there’ll be a small box (like Live Journal and DreamWidth) where one can type in the song they’re currently listening to.

Anyway, on to the topic of this post. I’ll be gone for the next couple of weeks due to some camps, some of which may have a video made about them. I’ve made an announcement for the relevant Steam group/clan and finished most of the projects I wanted to work on.

I’m quite surprised that this blog has been getting a lot more hits (>20 consistently) pretty much due to the module reviews. Bidding periods are coming up soon and reading reviews might save one the trouble of going for a lecture to ascertain the course’s content, so…yea. The shameless plug I did posting in NUSMods also helped, based on the traffic statistics.

I will, after coming back from the camps, have a new article about Vanilla Dream, as well as finish  up the rest of the 5 modules that I was going to review. Here’s hoping that this time this year will be a better time than it was last year~

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Updates about KF2 servers and odottemita

I have (at long last, if I may add) revamped the list of servers hosted for the game Killing Floor 2. It’s pretty likely that nobody will come over here to see the servers, but it felt nice to put up server banners which looks pretty cool.

The Æthereon logo and name at the bottom right is for a Steam group/clan that a few friends and I are running for the game, though our in-game activity has dropped markedly in recent months due to both studies and other games like Lobbies of Icarus and Countersnipe: Global Offensive. Both of these games are pretty fun, so the lack of community-desired content updates on Killing Floor 2 has done little to bolster the game’s declining population.

Nevertheless, the KF2 servers will continue to remain up on weekday evenings and weekends generally (as mentioned in the server policy).

Finally, watching a recent addition to my Youtube subscription feed triggered an interest in further elaboration on a past essay which I had written about the odottemita subculture. It is a much shorter at 1.4k words compared to the original essay that was 4 words short of 5k words, but I’d like to think it gave me some room to express one’s thoughts regarding the evolution of the subculture. Perhaps the addendum may be considered as the verbose counterpart of Youtube ‘First!’ comments, or it may simply be a reflection of current updates which I think are relevant to something which was written in the past.

In any case, it’s probably time for a good break from essays. Maybe some covers will be up next~

Addendum to May 8th, 2016 essay titled ‘Odottemita in Singapore: A Comparative Commentary’


Since writing the essay on the odottemita subculture in Singapore and Japan, there has been a glacial change in some topics touched upon within the essay. As these issues are admittedly minor in magnitude, there is little need for a second essay to be written simply for these additions to be made. In the interest of further building on the foundations established within the original essay, this addendum was thus created.

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