RwR 6/11 to 12/11

A thoughtful week and a third miracle.

SoTW: Peace – Lucas King & Vexento / Thank You, Lord – Don Moen
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Upcoming absence and updates

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There used to be a function in Movie Battles 2 that would automatically state the track’s name and other details which one was listening to in-game. A cool feature, and WordPress should definitely have something like that. There’s probably a plugin but as I’m not using the self-hosted version of Word nor the paid versions where plugins are available, manual typing will suffice. Maybe in the future there’ll be a small box (like Live Journal and DreamWidth) where one can type in the song they’re currently listening to.

Anyway, on to the topic of this post. I’ll be gone for the next couple of weeks due to some camps, some of which may have a video made about them. I’ve made an announcement for the relevant Steam group/clan and finished most of the projects I wanted to work on.

I’m quite surprised that this blog has been getting a lot more hits (>20 consistently) pretty much due to the module reviews. Bidding periods are coming up soon and reading reviews might save one the trouble of going for a lecture to ascertain the course’s content, so…yea. The shameless plug I did posting in NUSMods also helped, based on the traffic statistics.

I will, after coming back from the camps, have a new article about Vanilla Dream, as well as finish  up the rest of the 5 modules that I was going to review. Here’s hoping that this time this year will be a better time than it was last year~

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SMUN 2016

At long last, the compilation video I had imagined has been completed. It looks quite nice if I do say so myself, perhaps if I learned AfterEffects it would look better.

Almost one week ago (down to the hour), SMUN 2016 ended. I had planned on it being my second and last MUN, with my first MUN being SMUN 2015 where I attended as a delegate within the UNHCR Council. After finding it quite fun, I made a compilation video of my Council and how MUNs generally went (macro, not micro, view).

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18 covers up!


COUNT ‘EM! Rendering 15 videos at once. It’s not that much faster than rendering 15 videos one by one, but saves me from having to start a render every time one finished. Also, apparently 15 is the max number my desktop can render at once.

This has to be some record that will probably remain unbroken for a long time, lol. Spent 3 hours yesterday recording a backlog of covers and counted them…18 in total. I surprised myself as well!

Most of the Christian songs were relatively easy to play and thus only required one take (at most two for a couple), but the Vocaloid covers were a bit more tricky and took a few takes to get a ‘non-shitty’ cover. Quite happy at how some of them turned out I think.

Without further ado, here are the links to said covers:

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Pain(t)Ball & Counter Pain(t)

Got jio’d by a couple of church friends yesterday during band prac for an impromptu paintball session today, went along and helped them in the video editing for publicity purposes.


I quite like how the video turned out. Imo, no video can be made exactly the same if it’s edited by two different editors as they would naturally have their own style. The style I follow is that of following the music/audio track and timing visuals to it to take advantage of the link between a person’s sense of sight and hearing. There’s just something satisfying about hearing a sound and seeing a corresponding visual effect or image that makes me think this is the way I want to go in editing my videos.

A track like ‘Stand And Fight’ is relatively straightforward to make a video out of, so it’s not an amazing feat by any means. It’s short (which helps if one lacks sufficient materials), has a punchy feel and escalates at a predictable pace, which endears it to the viewer who is then able to anticipate that a visual image will be shown at a particular beat, but is kept purposefully unaware of what the actual image is until it’s shown.


In other news, I’ve spent a bit of time playing Kritika SEA and will be working on some drum covers as well as a SMUN 2016 video. Trying out a new, grand style for that video that differs slightly from my SMUN 2015 recollections. Said SMUN 2016 video will require a lot more time than was spent in the CounterPaint video though, so expect an upload by the end of this week. I’ll also write my thoughts about the recent MUN (when it’s uploaded) here~

SMUN 2015

Something I had planned to upload but never got around to doing so. Seeing that I’ve been busy with SMUN 2016 this year (my 2nd, and quite possibly my last time attending MUN conferences, which is quite a pity), it felt somewhat nostalgic to look back at the fun I had last year (even if it was marred by certain incidents after it was over) during the conference.

For those that are considering going, I’d highly recommend it. You get the chance to wear nice clothes and walk around pretending/feeling important, which, as you’re (generally) discussing real problem that the world faces, is quite relevant for those that follow current affairs.

You meet new people, younger or older than you, and you learn new things from them. I was pretty surprised at how well spoken and eloquent many of the delegate there were, despite being easily 6 to 7 years my junior. And you get moments of outrageous humor, periods of high tension and stress, and a pretty strong sense of accomplishment after your Council or Committee has successfully resolved a problem.

You may encounter some eyecandy attractive individuals within your Committee or during the social events which are held, and you’ll generally have the freedom to choose to interact with others or not throughout the whole conference. It’s entirely possible to be a reclusive loner (iirc, my council had a couple of people who slept throughout nearly all the council proceedings) that leaves early and barely talks, while others may choose to be a social butterfly (sometimes greased by…let’s say…caffeine or alcohol). To each their own, of course.

This year’s Conference from 13th to 16th June will be one that hopefully goes well. I doubt I’ll get much chance to interact with the delegates, but we’ll see how it goes during the socials 🙂

Opening for Collabs

I’ve spent a bit of time over the past couple of days writing some pages that are relevant to Youtube collaborations. These collaborations are usually quite fun to look back on, so I’ve written some guidelines that detail who I’m looking to collaborate with and done up a nice Google Form for interested applicants 🙂

Currently, the Collab Hall of Shoutouts is empty as I’ve not actively been searching for others to collaborate with. A couple of collaborations are still in the works waiting for the other party to record their part, so it seems like a good idea to put myself out there and see who else might be interested (but wasn’t aware of how to go about it) to collaborate on some covers with.

The Planned Covers page contains some details of songs I’m looking forward to covering in the future. Ideally, the sequence of steps for someone interested would be as such:

  1. Check the Planned Covers page for my Collab status.
  2. Read up on the guidelines for what I’m looking for
  3. Complete the Google Form (including a sample of your past work/covers) and wait for a reply!

That’s about all. Maybe I’ll upload a MUN video somewhere next.