First week of school’s almost over and a milestone

Blog recently broke 11k views, that’s pretty cool.

Week 1 of school has been a lot more tiring than I thought it would be. Maybe it’s because there are quite a few commitments, maybe it’s because I’m not used to taking 4 core mods, maybe it’s because I’m just trying to max out productivity in every minute. So lectures seem to pass in slow motion because I’m like ‘alright next what’s next we’re waiting on this what for what sia =.=’ and that keeps recurring in my mind.

And assignments will come in fast and furious so keeping up the pace even when school’s just begun will be good. Thankfully some friend meetups do help to recharge, and I did manage to sell my textbook for PS2234 as well ^^.

Upcoming weekend will be busy catching up on some Week 1 readings I hadn’t done and clearing readings for Week 2 so I can begin on essays that are due in Week 4 as well as preparing for three days of absence from school. The grind never stops, it seems, but I’d like to think this helps one to become a better person over time.


Another milestone

Pretty interesting how the views spike for this page when bidding season approaches (although one doesn’t have to bid for CFG1010, I suppose most clicking on the review do so to find out more about their preallocated mod).

Down with a bit of flu this few days, so there goes my plans to record some drum covers before school starts. Will probably be resting at home instead as I’ve got a busy weekend coming up =.=


Fortunately no fever, but it would be cool to have a temperature sensor on one’s arm.

All module reviews up, an upcoming year and another milestone

Finally finished the last four reviews that I’ve been intending to get done after going for my recent VCF camp last week. Haven’t been able to record any covers recently because things have been pretty busy ever since I’ve returned from my camp: Unpacking, reflection, writing these reviews and next on the to-do list would be doing more general module selection for the upcoming sem (I’ve still not yet decided what modules I’m going to do ><) as well as completing my specific reflections for the recent camp.

And after that I’ve got to plan for what needs to be done for various fields in life (God/acads/relationships) so that I’m moving forward, slowly but surely. Taking things as they come a day at a time, yes, but not falling into the trap of YOLOing one’s life away.

And maybe after all those are done will I go pewpew in CS:GO or grind for a bit in Kritika or check out recent animes. But to paraphrase something that some may find familiar, “I must work the works of him that sent me while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” While I’ve still got some free time in the last week before school begins, I have to sort out everything still outstanding on my end, for once school begins, it’s nigh impossible to do so in a meaningful manner.

On to the module selections, then!

Also hit 9k views as a milestone on Dec 29 last year but I was at camp and couldn’t update it – came back and wanted to only update it after I had completed all the reviews, hence this post.

7k viewz

A day late, but what a milestone. Mostly came from module reviews, which I’ll definitely begin writing after finals are over.

In the middle of exams now. Have been fortunate to meet some new people this sem, and the sem’s already over. Just a couple more papers to go and the post-finals plans will begin 😀