KF2 Server updates and upcoming Coscon

Written in some updates for the Server Policy on servers that I run taking into account the recent 1043 update for KF2. SWAT’s out and some new stuff, but school so not playing.

Through a series of interesting events, will be going with a friend for a…cosplay convention/Club & Society event/random fun and games thingy.  Nijikon 2016, organized by NUSCAS. I don’t know how many that visit this blog are J’philes/weebs/cosers, but if you’re also interested, head on down to uTown this Sat. Will not be taking part in the booth games regardless of my cos status, but should be fun to just walk around.

Actually looking at the upcoming events (henceforth referred to as Coscons), probably will not be appearing for many of them due to school schedule conflicts. Then again, it’ll be interesting to see what has changed since I last left. Perhaps in Dec after finals are over, if they so happen to have a Cosfest Xmas.

Alright, back to work. Will look out for weebs this Sat!



Server updates

Just wrote a long announcement regarding the direction that I’ll be taking a casual gaming clan into for the next few months.  Also got my automated server killer working, yay~

No longer do I have to log on 5 consoles and let everyone know it’s the last game, all servers will automatically terminate at 11pm. Awesome.

No lessons till Thursday. Oh well.


Upcoming absence and updates

Now playing: Together – Lucas King

There used to be a function in Movie Battles 2 that would automatically state the track’s name and other details which one was listening to in-game. A cool feature, and WordPress should definitely have something like that. There’s probably a plugin but as I’m not using the self-hosted version of Word nor the paid versions where plugins are available, manual typing will suffice. Maybe in the future there’ll be a small box (like Live Journal and DreamWidth) where one can type in the song they’re currently listening to.

Anyway, on to the topic of this post. I’ll be gone for the next couple of weeks due to some camps, some of which may have a video made about them. I’ve made an announcement for the relevant Steam group/clan and finished most of the projects I wanted to work on.

I’m quite surprised that this blog has been getting a lot more hits (>20 consistently) pretty much due to the module reviews. Bidding periods are coming up soon and reading reviews might save one the trouble of going for a lecture to ascertain the course’s content, so…yea. The shameless plug I did posting in NUSMods also helped, based on the traffic statistics.

I will, after coming back from the camps, have a new article about Vanilla Dream, as well as finish  up the rest of the 5 modules that I was going to review. Here’s hoping that this time this year will be a better time than it was last year~

Now playing: Start Again – Lucas King


18 covers up!


COUNT ‘EM! Rendering 15 videos at once. It’s not that much faster than rendering 15 videos one by one, but saves me from having to start a render every time one finished. Also, apparently 15 is the max number my desktop can render at once.

This has to be some record that will probably remain unbroken for a long time, lol. Spent 3 hours yesterday recording a backlog of covers and counted them…18 in total. I surprised myself as well!

Most of the Christian songs were relatively easy to play and thus only required one take (at most two for a couple), but the Vocaloid covers were a bit more tricky and took a few takes to get a ‘non-shitty’ cover. Quite happy at how some of them turned out I think.

Without further ado, here are the links to said covers:

Go on…

A couple of new server banners

…for my KF2 server. I quite like these banners (Source: Watashi) because Misaka looks really chill in the Myst banner, while the Maelstrom banner looks a tad more hardcore (which fits the theme).

The two banners in question:

Similarly, the server name ‘Myst’ evokes a…relaxed feeling that is reflected in the free writing style of the font, while ‘Maelstrom’ is more serious with the text showing this as well.

But I’ll probably be running the server on Myst settings (aka no time to play KF2, just going to run it so that others can play) for the near future since, well I don’t have much time to play KF2 seriously. MaelStrom settings definitely will have to wait until May, minimum.