RwR 2/1 to 17/1

Couple of Rimworld weeks.

SoTW: Lost – Lucas King / Lead Me To Calvary – Jennie Evelyn Hussey

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Lasers, Gravwells and Spacetime: Roe’s Primer to Kritika SEA’s Dimension Controller



Given the lack of discussion boards set up by Playpark as of this writing, it is difficult for the same community that once flourished in games like MapleSEA and other MMOs to develop if they lack somewhere to congregate. Although a subreddit does exist, it is better suited for Q&A or media sharing compared to the development of an actual community around the game.

In this figurative Black desert, it is also difficult for one to write a class guide/primer and have it stickied/pinned to the top of a discussion page. Nevertheless, as the community of the game seems to be growing rapidly, it seems appropriate to contribute one of the first English guides for a class that I enjoy playing: the Dimension Controller. I hope that this guide will be helpful to new and intermediate players alike, giving them helpful tips for a rarely played class.

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