2k hits and a shoutout

Just thought I’d make a post about the blog hitting 2k hits. Mostly due to module reviews, a big jump by the interview with Vanilla Dream and that’s about it. Also a short essay I wrote about the history of Foreground Eclipse, which now looks quite unprofessional compared to later works.

In any case, I was checking my mail and saw a follow from sliding tackles. Browsed through her/his/their site and they also have module reviews! Although the formatting and style is a bit different, it’s well worth checking out since others may be looking for mods/reviews that I’ve not covered in my limited scope of mods done. On my end, I’m looking forward to her/his review on GEH1022 and might do EU1101E this sem or next, going by what was covered.

Finally, Esther also types/shares about her life in some detail that I’ve rarely reached. It’s quite something to come across that, I suppose, given that most of these can be quite personal and may be difficult to talk about even when surrounded by close friends. So it might be of interest to Christians since she exhibits the frankness that seems common among those whose identity isn’t in their academics or hobbies, but that of Christ.

Round 1A bidding starts next week, so this weekend will be testing of timetables based on preallocated modules >.>



Recent updates

I’ve recently updated the Foreground Eclipse post after Veto’s comments and provisions of more links, so this is just a general head’s up for anyone that’s checked. The number of viewers seems to have increased since the last time I’ve checked and posted ‘Loss’, so yup.

Hopefully I’ll have more time in the future to write on other things~

Ho Li Shi


I didn’t expect the FE post to go…so far. I thought it would pick up maybe 5, 10 views, but apparently it’s jumped by 20ish views since I’ve uploaded it last night or so.

That’s quite cool, considering this blog’s still pretty new and I don’t have any followers yet compared to someone like Kafka/Jaefine/Shion. Also I’m not a cute girl like reinakathy who can pull about a 100 views in a few hours of an upload, so it’s quite surprising for me.

…my drum covers get less views than my blog posts…haha…something must be wrong.

Then again, I don’t have that much time to record covers now, so that’s fine!

This was quite amusing, though.

Full article here, but the Chinese Foreign Ministry said “…the Chinese side understands the ROK’s reasonable security concerns, but no country can pursue its own security interests at the expense of others.”

And here you have arguments saying that China’s expanding in the South China Sea because it feels threatened by the United States. So this justifies their deployment of military assets in the region.

It would be most amusing for the State Department to issue a statement that says “…the United States understands the PRC’s reasonable security concerns, but no country can pursue its own security interests at the expense of others.”

China: “But the SCS’s mine! MINE! MINE MUAHAHAHAHA’

South Korea: “So’s my goddam country. What’s the fuss about the Thaads, then?”

China: “…but…but…it’s not fair! You’re overstepping our security interests…”

SCS Claimant states: “Yea…so, uh, about the SCS…we too have security interests for our shipping lanes…”

China: “Screww off ~.~, who’s the regional superpower around here?”

SCS Claimant states: “Oh…alright…I’ll just inch a bit closer to the U.S then…they don’t seem that scary.”

Then again, double standards are practiced by most regional powers including the U.S. I was just amused to see the Chinese reaction to the SK Thaad deployment being quite suited for the SCS issue that’s heating up again.

It’s finally done!


Had been working on that article for some time but never got around to finishing it after I’ve started. Finally decided to throw a couple of hours at it today and it looks quite nice. Essentially each article/essay is a collection of links rather than having cited works there. I wouldn’t mind using footnotes but I’m not running WordPress off my own server so I can’t use plugins unless I pay more dosh.

That said, this is pretty much a place for me to post random stuff. Like what Shion posted in his Useless Opinions post, it’s his blog so he posts whatever he wants there even if nobody reads. Although he has written quite some interesting reviews regarding Foreground Eclipse (which I’m sure a lot of FE fans would’ve read). Viewed in that light, my article on Foreground Eclipse is a tribute of sorts to them ^^.

The original idea for the Foreground Eclipse essay came from the magazine article that I had found somewhere….where precisely I’m not sure. It was a long time ago, but I saved that article down since I knew I wanted to know what was written there. A few years after futile efforts to translate it with what little Japanese I knew, I had made a close friend and was able to ask her for assistance.Over a few messages, she translated it quite accurately, such that if you check the original  unedited translation by her here, it’s a really good job.

That translation gave me new insight as to why Foreground Eclipse had disbanded, or rather the circumstances surrounding the disbandment which may or may not be related to the actual event. But I couldn’t find somewhere to discuss it as no forums existed for FE fans, so I gathered what…knowledge I had…gathered over the years as an overseas fan of them and smacked something together. The result you have is something that is a poor excuse for an academic paper, poorly researched and severely lacking in written flair. One might even call it a link-heavy post strung together by bits and pieces of words.

But it’s a start, I suppose. I used pretty much all the links and bits of information in an attempt to provide a brief introduction to the band. Much more could be written of the lyrical significance or their musical style, but those topics aren’t my forte as I’ve not studied Japanese to any meaningful level nor do I listen to a wide variety of songs that I can compare FE’s songs against. So that essay is pretty much the maximum I could do for this topic.

One thing completed, though. That’s good~