A separate FB page for drum covers and a few cospics

Just a quick update.

Made a dedicated FB page for my Youtube/drum stuff, so I’ll update there in the future for planned covers and whatnot.

Also went to Nijikon last Sat for a short while. It was not bad, took some photos that I think look pretty nice and met a couple of cool guys to take shots together with.

Not going for STGCC though, since not that interested and it’s 19 bucks just for entry. GameStart’s also a meh…maybe.

Upcoming: more work~ and midterms too~


Still alive


No fever, but the usual flu.

Am back from camp, but down with illness. Probably the result of insufficient sleep and a lot of exertion over a few days.

I had intended to write a ‘yay, 1k hits’ post when the blog first surpassed 1k hits, but that happened while I was away at camp. In any case, that date of >1k hits would be July 11th. A large portion of traffic in recent days has came largely from the interview with Vanilla Dream, which is probably representative of their popularity among their fans. In the first couple of days after the interview was published, it got 6 views and 2 the following day.

One Facebook post by VDT later, it clocked 80 views on that very day and 44 the day after. This huge jump may go down after a bit, but I expect it to stabilize (in the medium term) at roughly the same number of views as the module reviews that see about 10~15 views per day.

Speaking of module reviews, I had planned to finish up the last three reviews when I was back from the camp, so I might do it this weekend when I’m feeling a bit better. Also a couple of drum covers may be recorded next week.

Finally, I (likely) won’t be writing a reflection for the recent camp in the same way that I did for the VCF FOC as I’m still not quite sure how I felt about it. The planned VCF FOC 2016 compilation video will also have to wait until I’m well again before I decide if I’m still going to do it.

Until then, I’ll be resting.


TIL WordPress had trouble connecting to Facebook

Now Playing: You Raise Me Up – Selah (I like this version better, since they actually sing the second verse instead of repeating the chorus for the rest of the song after singing the first verse for a grand total of once.)

Since my last activity on Facebook is the guide I wrote for Kritika SEA’s Dimension Controller, I’ve fixed it, but only after the interview with Vanilla Dream was published. So here’s an update for the Facebook side.


  1. Reflections for VCF FOC 2016: Light Source – What happens when one encounters the unexpected.
  2. Review of GER1000 – Quantitative Reasoning – The pre-allocated module everyone gets but hardly anyone likes.
  3. Review of JS1101E – Introduction To Japanese Studies – The go-to module for Japanophiles, yours truly included.
  4. Vanilla Dream Shuppatsu! – An interview with the dance and vocal group from Singapore!

With any luck, future posts will automatically be sync’d to Facebook so there won’t be a need for summary cross-linked posts like this.

Also, made a showreel comprising of past videos I’ve done try to be something more than a slideshow to music. Watching through it is quite nice, since the improvement is noticeable from my earliest videos. A VCF FOC 2016 video will have to wait till the end of next week, perhaps, when more raw material is available.

Finally, upcoming PS camp tomorrow. Nonplussed but let’s see how things go.

A spike in views

And my first comment from Shion! That’s cool~

I quite like this platform since WordPress lets me regularly type out things in greater detail compared to, say, Facebook or Youtube. Although I’m on these platforms, they’re really specialized for one task.

  1. Youtube is the video platform for drum cover uploads. I can’t type out long essays there, the best that I could probably do is to make use of the status function (that some channels used to have) to update my subscribers. This isn’t really that…useful for reasons I’ll elaborate in the future, but suffice to say, Youtube’s just a good place to upload my videos and nothing more.
  2. Facebook is primarily used for stalking following other people in one’s life. Few people post extremely long and detailed posts there, it is something more akin to a club that everyone joins to show the best parts of their life. Sure, some people will post a bit if they feel sad or stressed, but there’s a fine line between wanting others to care and posting how one feels on Facebook as an ASP (attention-seeking ploy) or to garner sympathy. One could conceivably type out how they felt in say, a diary in Notepad which has no viewers if they wanted the chance to see their thoughts tangibly. Instead a public setting is chosen and their feelings shared with all their friends. It seems more of the latter than the former, at times.
    But I digress. I don’t see Facebook as a place which can be used to type out anything in detail aside from short updates of how one’s life is going. Theoretically I could post my SOL (slice of life) posts there instead of on this blog, but I’m lazy to consistently switch between Facebook and WordPress whenever I feel like typing something.

So it’s for those two reasons that WordPress is fairly liberating. I can’t upload videos here, but I can link to them within the text. And short status updates can still be done.

I’ve cleared up the ambiguity between articles and essays and created separate categories for them. In terms of ease of writing, there are perhaps three current categories:

  1. SOL posts (tagged under rambling)
  2. Articles (tagged as articles)
  3. Essays (tagged as essays)

The ease of writing increases from the bottom of the list up, but the rewarding experience of reading increases from the top of the list down. Mainly because essays take the most time to properly research, formulate what I want to say and cite everything within the essay. However, they go into the greatest depth compared to articles and SOL posts. Likewise, articles are somewhere in between with a slight focus on a topic compared to SOL posts, but not as much is researched or written relative to essays.

Anyway, that should be all for now. I do have a lot more things that I would like to write on in the future, but those will have to wait until I had a bit more free time.