A few announcements

This’ll be fairly short so I’m not going to put a spoiler.

Firstly, I’ve written a summary of my short MUN career as I enter retirement from MUN. It’s listed as a page instead of a post, so it doesn’t appear in The Compiler’s posts. Probably good for those curious.

Secondly, I’ve made a page where all my past essays have been uploaded for others to read. I actually did this about a couple weeks back or somewhere around there as an experiment to see who would find their way there and how many would actually end up – all I remember is that one curious soul found their way to that page the day after it was made, so kudos to him/her. That said, I feel it’s only fair to announce this properly so if you’re interested to read my past essays, head over here.

Finally, I’ve drafted a proper gForm for those interested to contribute module reviews. (I actually realize I’ve done this in a past post but ignore that gForm).Yes, there’s nothing stopping you from starting up your own blog to post your reviews; yes, you can also just write your module reviews in NUS Mods. Some might not want to just make a short-lived blog solely for reviews, though; and they’d be happy just writing one and being credited for it without having to maintain other aspects of a blog. Neither do others want to work within the unformatted nature of NUS Mods when WordPress offers slightly more formatting options, so it’s the intersection of both groups that I’m looking at with this post.

Results will be out on 27th December. One can’t change the results they got, but one can help future students taking the module next semester or in a different year get a rough idea of what that module is ^^. I’ve only done PS modules because I’m a PS major, but if others can weigh in for different majors or even different mods I’d be more than happy to host their reviews here even after I’ve graduated.

So for those interested, please click here and fill it up and I’ll try to get in touch with you asap to work things out. Thanks 🙂 – the sidebar also has a link if one’s missed it.


Until then~

Addendum to May 8th, 2016 essay titled ‘Odottemita in Singapore: A Comparative Commentary’


Since writing the essay on the odottemita subculture in Singapore and Japan, there has been a glacial change in some topics touched upon within the essay. As these issues are admittedly minor in magnitude, there is little need for a second essay to be written simply for these additions to be made. In the interest of further building on the foundations established within the original essay, this addendum was thus created.

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Blog revamp

So, apparently WordPress doesn’t allow tagging of pages unless one uses plugins. Thought about self-hosting or going for a managed host, but decided to scrap pages and type essays/articles as blog posts instead (longer ones at that) in order to take advantage of the existing tags/categories function.

Articles will be under the ‘Articles/Essays’ category at the left sidebar, along with the tags for articles or blog posts. Should make it easier to find, I guess.

New ideas about stuff to write, might release an article soon. Time is an issue though ><.

Edit: Also updated the names of each widget to sound less generic. I like the feel, this looks like it’ll be a nice play to stay ^^