Not a formal article, but came out of a discussion I had with a friend today. The current trending opinion regarding U.S politics would be that it is better for Democrats to vote for Hilary to win the Democrat nomination even though Bernie Sanders seems to be more popular at the moment.

Why’s that?

Because in a polarized left and right wing general election that could occur, it’s more likely that Trump will easily Bernie than say, Hilary.

So the logic is:

Trump>Bernie if Bernie is the Democrat’s Nominated Candidate (DNC).

Trump=Hilary if Hilary’s the DNC.

Although Hilary seems to take a more center-left approach compared to Bernie (who’s wayyyyyy at the left, staking out new ground there I’d say), she’s unsurprisingly not that popular among the portion of the electorate that wants someone new to ‘shake things up’. Ideally the rest of the world would probably want ‘business as usual’ since we’ve got enough trouble as it is (what with the clusterf— of the Syrian Civil War and a lot of other random problems), and having someone that intends to ‘shake things up’ might make things a lot worse.

So the logic goes, vote for Hilary if you’re a Democrat because a majority of the population *might just swing* over to Trump if  battlelines are drawn between Bernie and Trump. Hilary has a good chance of beating Trump since she currently occupies the centrist position, and one could conceivably expect more to prefer another term of ‘business as usual’ rather than seeing things getting ‘shaken up.’

Then again, the Bernie side has got a great slogan. #FeelTheBern sounds much better than #MakeAmericaGreatAgain or #SolutionsForAmerica!

Regardless, this will turn out to be an interesting election if it boils down to a Bernie vs Trump. The left wing vs the right wing. And it will be an even more interesting world if Trump wins. Not necessarily good for the rest of the world or U.S allies, but, well, interesting.

tl:dr: One should vote for Hilary (even if they support Bernie) in the primaries so that she (hopefully) gets nominated as the Democrat candidate, and she’ll stand a much better chance of stopping Trump than Bernie would if Bernie was up against Trump in the general election. Or we can just sit back and watch the world burn~