RwR 13/11 to 19/11

A rollercoaster week.

SoTW: Leave Me – Lucas King / Greatness of Our God – Hillsongs

Go on…


12 covers up!

And updated the ‘On Drumming’ page about me to reflect the new playlist. I’ve made one called ‘Instrumental Drum Covers’ which was previously ‘Random Drum Covers’ since I covered Glassware and Friendship and didn’t really know where to put them. Like…yea, they *were* songs that came from visual novels that is associated with Japanese culture, but I’d struggle to call them Japanese songs just because of that.

What else…

Ah yes. The HSM Collection came about as a result of recent irl stuff. Sometimes dreams have a funny way of making one feel, hey, this song is a lot more applicable to me now when I just woke up. It looks like it’s just on my side though…just when you least expect it, *BAM*INYOURFACE

Which I’d prefer to forget >.>

Anyway, I’m rambling again. Here are the new drum covers:

Little Busters! Ecstasy – Glassware (Drum Cover 1) –
Katawa Shoujo – Friendship (Drum Cover 1) –

Josh Wilson – I Refuse (Drum Cover 1) –

DJ THT meets Scarlet – Live 2 Dance (Drum Cover 1) –
Krewella – We Are One (Drum Cover 1) –

High School Musical Collection:
High School Musical – We’re All In This Together (Drum Cover 3) –
High School Musical – Start of Something New (Drum Cover 1) –
High School Musical – Breaking Free (Drum Cover 1) –
High School Musical – When There Was Me And You (Drum Cover 1) –
High School Musical 2 – All For One (Drum Cover 1) –
High School Musical 2 – Gotta Go My Own Way (Drum Cover 2) –
High School Musical 3: Senior Year – Now Or Never (Drum Cover 1) –