All module reviews up, an upcoming year and another milestone

Finally finished the last four reviews that I’ve been intending to get done after going for my recent VCF camp last week. Haven’t been able to record any covers recently because things have been pretty busy ever since I’ve returned from my camp: Unpacking, reflection, writing these reviews and next on the to-do list would be doing more general module selection for the upcoming sem (I’ve still not yet decided what modules I’m going to do ><) as well as completing my specific reflections for the recent camp.

And after that I’ve got to plan for what needs to be done for various fields in life (God/acads/relationships) so that I’m moving forward, slowly but surely. Taking things as they come a day at a time, yes, but not falling into the trap of YOLOing one’s life away.

And maybe after all those are done will I go pewpew in CS:GO or grind for a bit in Kritika or check out recent animes. But to paraphrase something that some may find familiar, “I must¬†work the works of him that sent me while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” While I’ve still got some free time in the last week before school begins, I have to sort out everything still outstanding on my end, for once school begins, it’s nigh impossible to do so in a meaningful manner.

On to the module selections, then!

Also hit 9k views as a milestone on Dec 29 last year but I was at camp and couldn’t update it – came back and wanted to only update it after I had completed all the reviews, hence this post.

Milestone and a couple of reviews

A day or two late, but 8k views for this blog is quite nice. Also wrote a couple of reviews (here and here) but having trouble getting the link for the second review so I’ll update it in the future when it’s working again.

Planning to write a couple more if I can tomorrow afternoon/evening, but from Sunday onwards I’ll be busy with some church Xmas stuff and going for another VCF camp from Mon to Sat (looking forward to it ūüėÄ but gotta prep some stuff). So drum covers and gaming stuff will have to wait I guess.

This holiday seems to be passing a lot quicker than I expected. Ah well.

VCF FOC 2016 video’s done!

In light of the current shitstorm over sexualized university orientation camps, I feel quite happy to present the completed video of VCF’s 2016 Freshmen Orientation Camp. Like, hello guys, you can have perfectly good and clean fun (and make great friendships!) without having to resort to things like that. I don’t quite get the point, but maybe that’s why I found one camp much more enjoyable and meaningful than another camp.

I’ve pretty much typed out everything that I wanted to in the description section of the video, so yea. Since coming back from the VCF camp, I wanted to make this video, but kept putting it off as I was at another camp for most of the next week, then was busy meeting up with some friends the previous week. So getting it done before school started seemed like the best idea.

One more video for the showreel! To nobody in particular haha, since I’m not a CNM student. Finally, it’s done~!

Also, if anybody wants to take PS2257 – Contemporary African Politics, be prepared to pay through the nose for it. It’s pretty popular (relative to other PS mods anyway). (Un)surprisingly, PS3240 – International Security is not that popular, due to the consensus from those that have taken it to be ‘bloody hell it should be a 4k mod!! so many readings -.-‘ or…something like that. Good luck to everyone there ^^¬†me too thanks

Still alive


No fever, but the usual flu.

Am back from camp, but down with illness. Probably the result of insufficient sleep and a lot of exertion over a few days.

I had intended to write a ‘yay, 1k hits’ post when the blog first surpassed 1k hits, but that happened while I was away at camp. In any case, that date of >1k hits would be July 11th. A large portion of traffic in recent days has came largely from the interview with Vanilla Dream, which is probably representative of their popularity among their fans. In the first couple of days after the interview was published, it got 6 views and 2 the following day.

One Facebook post by VDT later, it clocked 80 views on that very day and 44 the day after. This huge jump may go down after a bit, but I expect it to stabilize (in the medium term) at roughly the same number of views as the module reviews that see about 10~15 views per day.

Speaking of module reviews, I had planned to finish up the last three reviews when I was back from the camp, so I might do it this weekend when I’m feeling a bit better. Also a couple of drum covers¬†may be recorded next week.

Finally, I (likely) won’t be writing a reflection for the recent camp in the same way that I did for the VCF FOC as I’m still not quite sure how I felt about it. The planned VCF FOC 2016 compilation video will also have to wait until I’m well again before I decide if I’m still going to do it.

Until then, I’ll be resting.


TIL WordPress had trouble connecting to Facebook

Now Playing: You Raise Me Up РSelah (I like this version better, since they actually sing the second verse instead of repeating the chorus for the rest of the song after singing the first verse for a grand total of once.)

Since my last activity on Facebook is the guide I wrote for Kritika SEA’s Dimension Controller, I’ve fixed it, but only after the interview with Vanilla Dream was published. So here’s an update for the Facebook side.


  1. Reflections for VCF FOC 2016: Light Source РWhat happens when one encounters the unexpected.
  2. Review of GER1000 – Quantitative Reasoning – The pre-allocated module everyone gets but hardly anyone likes.
  3. Review of JS1101E – Introduction To Japanese Studies – The go-to module for Japanophiles, yours truly included.
  4. Vanilla Dream Shuppatsu! – An interview with the dance and vocal group from Singapore!

With any luck, future posts will automatically be sync’d to Facebook so there won’t be a need for summary cross-linked posts like this.

Also, made a showreel comprising of past videos I’ve done try to be something more than a slideshow to music. Watching through it is quite nice, since the improvement is noticeable from my earliest videos. A VCF FOC 2016 video will have to wait till the end of next week, perhaps, when more raw material is available.

Finally, upcoming PS camp tomorrow. Nonplussed but let’s see how things go.