Every so often (which is to say, very, very rarely), some words (or strings of words) appear in/come to my mind during my reflections. They can come at any point during the day – at night when I reflect on the day, in the evening on the bus, the list goes on…

And I like to keep a small record of these phrases (or sentences). Sometimes, I think it’s because they’re witty (or pithy); at other times, they seem of profound importance to me. Or that they speak much into my current situation.

I’ve decided to call this section an unassuming title – RoR, short for ‘Reflections of Roe’ – because I don’t want to draw undue attention to it. It’s partly a play on the blog’s name, but also partly because the reflections aren’t centered around any particular topic. To be sure, they all stem from my Christian faith and few books/Christian literature I’ve read, and so those uninterested can simply click away back to the main page here. After all, I’m not here to hard-sell/force Christianity – I don’t believe faith can be forced, but that’s for another topic someday to write upon if I get to it.

Rather, I’d like to share these reflections for the same reason I share my module reviews: In hopes that they might help someone. They are all subjective as my module reviews are, and everyone’s free to come to their own conclusions if they so wish (as most probably do). Take not what then I say as authoritative, but take these as what they are – blog entries of some random words by some random internet stranger. And perhaps, I pray, it might help someone else along on this common journey we all share towards the Cross.


A short (but non-exhaustive) list of the few (Christian) books I’ve read or I’m reading through, and which the reflections may be inspired by:

Contemporary Authors

  1. The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  2. The Discipline of Surrender by Douglas D. Webster
  3. The Narrow Road – Turning Neither Left Nor Right by David W. F. Wong

Ancient/Antiquated Authors

  1. The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence
  2. The Paradise of the Holy Fathers Vol 2. by The Desert Fathers


Arranged chronologically, themes can be found as tags. Sentences without links reflect future writing projects.

  1. The tighter we hold on to God, the tighter He holds on to us.

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