Past Essays


This page is meant for those that want to browse through random academic essays I’ve written in the past but don’t want to go through each specific module and download the essay (yes, I’ve updated almost every single module’s folder to include my essay if I wrote one for that module. Public Speaking has a few Preparatory Speech Outlines instead of essays, but those weren’t graded iirc). Instead of listing the essays based on the semester I wrote them, I’ve decided to list them in descending order of the grade I received since I don’t think anyone wants to read a B- essay.

Well, it’s all within this folder anyway so you can go ahead and pick what you’d like to read. Also, I love trying to put humorous/amusing titles for my papers so this gives me a chance to see a long list of attempted humor. Bolded entries are such (punny) attempts because other times I’ve had to put the question as the essay title instead (also hyperlinks for each essay take you to the module review.) Again, the folder with all essays is over here, not each individual link below.

PS Essays

A+’s and A’s.

  1.  Eritrean Support for Conditionality Abandonment (A+)
    1. PS3238 (International Political Economy) Essay 3
  2. Cooperation, not Cooptation: Policy Learning and Advocacy Coalitions in Singapore’s Environmental Policies (A+)
    1. PS3271 (Public Policy Making) Essay
  3. Reassurance in Sino-U.S Relations (A)
    1. PS1101E (Introduction to Politics)
  4. The Method to Mao’s Madness: Revisionist Thought and the Cultural Revolution (A)
    1. PS2248 (Chinese Politics) Essay
  5. The Economics of Liberal Democracies in the Middle East (A)
    1. PS2255 (Politics of the Middle East) Essay 2
  6. Counter-terrorism with Drones: A Costly Adventure (A)
    1. PS3240 (International Security) Essay
  7. Of Wives and Man: Impression management in Foreign Policy Practice (A to A-)
    1. PS3249 (Singapore’s Foreign Policy) Essay
  8. Heart of Iron: Christian and Muslim Attitudes towards Homosexuality in Singapore (A to A-)
    1. PS3257 (Political Inquiry) Essay
  9. Cash and Guns: Chinese Peacekeeping in South Sudan and Mali (A)
    1. PS3272 (International Relations of Sub-Saharan Africa) Essay
  10. What is Jerusalem Worth? Religious Causal Beliefs and War Termination in the Crusades (A)
    1. PS4235 (War Termination and the Stability of Peace) Research Paper
  11. “You want self-determination? You can’t handle self-determination!” Mill’s Barbarism, Civilization and Self-Determination (A)
    1. PS4311 (International Relations in Political Thought) Essay 2
  12. “Thoughts and Prayers”: Slacktivism, Autocratic Resilience and Short-Circuiting the “Boomerang Pattern” (A)
    1. PS4882A (Topics in IR: Globalization, Security, and the State) Essay 1
  13. The Myth of Cyber-Terrorism: More Pain than Gain (A)
    1. PS4882A (Topics in IR: Globalization, Security, and the State) Essay 2
  14. The Social Determination and Self-Inhibition of Self-Determination (A)
    1. PS4882I (Topics in IR: International Society) Research Essay

A-‘s and B+’s

  1. PS2234 Midterms (A-)
    1. PS2234 (Introduction to Comparative Politics) Midterms
  2. I, Citizen: The Primacy of Citizen Protection in the Primary Political Community (A-)
    1. PS3233 (Political and International Ethics) Essay
  3. Eritrean pursuit of Free Trade Agreements (A-)
    1. PS3238 (International Political Economy) Essay 1
  4. Faith and Fear: Augustine’s Support for State Persecution of Heretics (A-)
    1. PS4311 (International Relations in Political Thought) Essay 1
  5. Reflecting on Realism (B+)
    1. PS2237 (Introduction to International Relations) Midterms
  6. Chaos in the CAR: Tenacious Survival (B+)
    1. PS2257 (Contemporary African Politics) Essay 2
  7. Eritrea – The Unconcerned  “Bottom” (B+)
    1. PS3238 (International Political Economy) Essay 2
  8. A Review of ‘UN Reform from an English School Perspective’ (B+)
    1. PS4882I (Topics in IR: International Society) Review Paper

B’s and below

  1. The Impact of the ‘Pivot’ on Sino-U.S. Relations (B)
    1. PS2238 (International Politics of Northeast Asia) Essay
  2. Tribes and State Power (B)
    1. PS2255 (Politics of the Middle East) Essay 1
  3. Ambiguity and Ambivalence: Aspirations in Agenda 2063 (B-)
    1. PS2257 (Contemporary African Politics) Essay 1

Non-PS Essays

A+’s and A’s

  1. Was Bismarck’s system of alliances and effective way to manage Great Power Relations? Why or why not? (A)
    1. EU1101E (Making of Modern Europe) Essay

A-‘s and B+’s

  1. We The Unwilling (A-)
    1. GEH1022 (Geopolitics of War and Peace) Essay 2
  2. Obligation, Agreement and Culpability (A-)
    1. GL1101E (Global Issues) Essay
  3. Take-home Midterm Exam Submission (A-)
    1. GL1101E (Global Issues) Midterms
  4. The Transatlantic Divide: Distinctive, Yet Diminished (Approx A-, 29/35)
    1. GL2102 (Global Political Economy) Essay
  5. Visualizing Geopolitics: Images and Cartoons (B+)
    1. GEH1022 (Geopolitics of War and Peace) Essay 1

B’s and below

  1. War and Order (B)
    1. EU1101E (Making of Modern Europe) Midterms
  2. Fish and the Japanese Government (B)
    1. JS1101E (Introduction to Japanese Studies) Group Essay


Come to think of it, there’s not many amusing titles. But hopefully this inspires a new generation of students to come up with p(h)unny names for their essays; I’d love to see more of that :D. And it might help others who wish to see what a bad/good essay looks like, though I don’t think the higher-graded essays are that particularly good.

That said, best of luck! It’s a short four years and I’ll soon be done, but maybe this will be of help to future students that take the same modules and need to begin something somewhere. Don’t plagiarize (D:<) since it’ll be detected by the system, but perhaps you can take what you like from the styles of others (which is what most pragmatic Singaporean students do) and call that unique combination of…quirks your thing. Or style. Or whatever. Then run it against other students and see what grades come out of the “vending machine”/black box, then improve on it accordingly and before you know it you’ll be looking for a job post-graduation.