Module Reviews


Module reviews are sometimes useful for those who are seeking to take a particular module, but are unsure of whether they’ll get slaughtered (hoho) by the bell curve how difficult the module is or what the module actually is about beyond the brief description offered.


To shreds, you say…?

In reading through the average person’s review, they can then get an idea and guesstimate/aggarate/approximate how they would fare in that module or whether it sounds like something they like.

Although I’m no old bird (more like fresh meat) Because I’m a half-cooked pigeon, writing a module review helps me to clear my thoughts about how a module went, and perhaps in the process may be of help to others as well.

Each module will have both a general description of ‘what I expected’ vs ‘what I got’ in the module that describes the module’s contents, before a short bit about how one is assessed and what workload was encountered. Finally, an expected grade vs actual grade along with an optional ‘tips’ section will round off each module review.

Index of Reviewed Modules

Year 1 (AY 15/16)

Semester 1

  1. PS1101E: Introduction to Politics
  2. PS2238: International Politics of Northeast Asia
  3. GET1008: Public Speaking and Critical Reasoning
  4. GET1026: Effective Reasoning
  5. EC1101E: Introduction to Economic Analysis

Semester 2

  1. PS2237: Introduction to International Relations
  2. PS2234: Introduction to Comparative Politics
  3. PS2255: Politics of the Middle East
  4. GER1000: Quantitative Reasoning
  5. JS1101E: Introduction to Japanese Studies

Year 2 (AY 16/17)

Semester 1

  1. PS2257: Contemporary African Politics
  2. PS3240: International Security
  3. PS3271: Public Policy Making
  4. GET1032: Building Relationships: Theories and Practice
  5. EU1101E: Making of Modern Europe
  6. CFG1010: Roots And Wings – Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness 1.0

Semester 2

  1. PS3238: International Political Economy
  2. PS3272: International Relations of Sub-Saharan Africa
  3. GL1101E: Global Issues
  4. GL2102: Global Political Economy
  5. GEH1022: Geopolitics: Geographies of War and Peace

Year 3 (AY 17/18)

Semester 1

  1. PS3233: Political and International Ethics
  2. PS3249: Singapore’s Foreign Policy
  3. PS3265: Civil Military Relations
  4. GL2103: Global Governance
  5. SW1101E: Social Work: A Heart-Head-Hand Connection

Semester 2

  1. PS4882I: Topics in IR: International Society
  2. PS3257: Political Inquiry
  3. PS2248: Chinese Politics
  4. GL2101: Origins of the Modern World
  5. GES1018: Singapore, Asia and American Power

“Review! Review! Re-!” (*Sigh*..”Can’t you see I’m busy?”)