KF2 Server Policy (Cao 280816)

Alright! Not sure how you’ve hit this page, but this is to go into a bit more detail regarding the servers which I run for Killing Floor 2 (KF2).

I used to run a Movie Battles 2 server, but I rarely go onto the game nowadays. Most of the time, it is to say hi to old friends in the clan I’m in (AOD member, AOD_THI in Jedi Knight Division) and play a few rounds to kill time, that sort of thing.

Killing Floor 2 wise, I host servers on weekday evenings and weekends. This is because not many people (save maybe some kids on school holidays) would play at perhaps 5am in the morning. Working adults usually have a wake up->work->slack->sleep cycle, so it makes sense to only turn on these servers in the evening.


For the Killing Floor 2 Servers

The purpose of setting up this server was to give my friends and I somewhere that we could play on when all the other servers are chock-full of players (especially during free weekends or when KF2 is being discounted). It’s a tad irritating to get a whole team together and not have a server to play on without some team members having to leave, so yea, hosting my own server is the solution to that problem.

Server Rules

  1. Do not flame, irritate, harass or impersonate other players. Regardless of their skill level, play nice and be nice.
  2. Do not abuse the vote-kick function – this means kicking players without a valid reason.
  3. Leave trashtalk at the door. We’re here to play games, not stir shit up.
  4. Level or skill requirement for non-achievement games **may** be enforced at 15+ for Sui and 20+ for HoE. This will definitely be enforced during Achievement Runs.
  5. If there are Æthereon members waiting to join the servers, public players may be kicked from the servers to make space.

Violators of the above rules are liable for disciplinary action. As the server hosts, Æthereon reserves the right to administer with discretion.

Brief Server Description

  1. Æthereal & Æon: These servers run Hard difficulties exclusively and are intended for players to chill on or level up. They will generally be on during weekdays and free weekends.
  2. Ænigma & Æpex: These servers are controllable by the general population and are intended for players to play other game difficulties or modes they may prefer, such as Versus. The default difficult for is Hard and Suicidal respectively.
  3. Æpocalyspe and Ærmaggeddon: These two servers run Suicidal and HoE difficulties respectively and will be hosted during the weekends.
  4. Ætec: This server runs various maps ranging from Testmap to custom maps, and is configured to take up to 32 players. It will be hosted during Event periods or on Weekends.
  5. Myst: This server is a private server for Æthereon members, it will be hosted during periods of peak activity such as free weekends to give Æthereon members some space from the crowds. The password is located somewhere within the Code of Conduct. This server can be requested by Æthereon members if they wish to play with their friends through PMing me.
  6. Maelstrom: This server is a private server for myself so that I don’t have to kick people from the server when I’m playing with my friends. It’s rarely hosted.

ALL servers hosted by zr0 will AUTOMATICALLY terminate at GMT+8 2300hrs (11pm) on a daily basis. Players are strongly advised NOT to begin any game if they do not believe they can finish it by that time.

Servers Regularly Hosted

Servers Infrequently Hosted

Servers Rarely Hosted

Correct as of 28/08/16.