Cello Scores


Thanks to Kas for this great shot, I love how the sunset is reflected on the shiny cello’s body. “Why is there a mute?” “Because it disturbs less people this way.”


I’ve made this page to upload scoresheets that I’ve made or edited in the process of learning the cello (of which I’m still an amateur in playing). These scoresheets usually don’t have everything (lyrics, tempo, sometimes fingering) but they work fairly well for me so you can add your own additions to the MuseScore files.

As for the short covers I add to each song, they’re imperfect but serviceable and might have extra embellishments that don’t appear in the scoresheet (hanging on to notes longer than shown, extra notes added because it sounds good). They’re quite basic though, so it’s not too difficult to work out whatever was added if you’d like to add that into the scoresheet as well.

Finally, most songs are in the key of G or D, mainly because these are the easy keys for amateur cellists to reach in first position. Both keys also have fairly easy chords on the guitar, so these scores might be good with a guitar accompanying.

Song List

  1. Be Thou My Vision in G
  2. Crown Him With Many Crowns in D
  3. Lead Me To Calvary in G
  4. Still in G
  5. Here I Bow in D
  6. Shepherd of My Soul in C

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