About me


I’m not quite sure what to type here, but I guess it’s simplest just to give a few stereotypes so one can form a quick mental image. Used to game extensively on MMORPGS and picked up a few hobbies after spending less time on games. Drums and odottemita would be those, but the former’s still continuing while I don’t see the latter being a major part of my life for the near future. Currently in college.

-Who’s Roe?-

I used to go by a few nicknames back when I came on the net… there was the ‘lloonnee’ season where I went by different variants of it, and later on switched to a few ‘Triggerhappy Idiot/Bladedancer/Random Warriors-inspired’ names as I went through different stages of life. Settled on Ze ReoN quite a few years back and changed my Youtube channel to reflect that when they wanted me to settle on a proper name, so Ze ReoN has some online presence on the various platforms I’m on at the moment.

Likely for the future I’ll be switching monikers/handles again, and Roe is a derivative of a few names that I’m looking towards. So since it fits and ‘Ze ReoN’ sounds rather stupid now, I’m rolling with Roe (hey it rhymes!)

-Why ramble?-

Honestly I tend to type continuous sentences that would sound better if they were shorter. This blog/site gives me a chance to practice my essay typing (and citing) skills which is quite useful for someone like me, I think, and I’ll get the chance to elaborate in detail about random things which I think about sometimes. Hence the tag, “Obscurity Analyzed.” I’m not planning to write much on any random current affairs topics or things of considerable magnitude, just…stuff which I think “Hey, it might be cool to type it out. Maybe it’ll help someone that has some questions on this in the future.”

At the very least, it’ll be good practice for me when I need to type academically. At most, maybe some people will read through what has been posted and it helps them~

Finally, if a particular piece appeals to you and you’d like to share it on another platform, go right ahead. It’s a nice gesture to be cited or link-dropped though ^^

-Contact Details-

I’m generally contactable through a few methods.

  1. Youtube PM’s work fine if it’s something related to drumming or collab requests. I may be open to collabing if I’m free (based on my schedule) and interested (based on the song/group/purposes of collabing).
  2. Facebook PMs are for, well, if Youtube’s PMs fail to send (which has occurred to me before, so it’s an alternative).
  3. Twitter mentions are okay, although I must admit I don’t check Twitter often. It’s more of an automatic stream for updates. But I do get notifications sometimes from there, so it might work too.
  4. Alternatively if it’s just to say hi, my main website has a nice little box for someone to just key in their comments. Typing here’s fine too!

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