RwR 29/10 to 4/11

A mixed week.

SoTW: Please – Lucas King / Christ Is Enough – Hillsongs

Pretty late is an understatement, but this week had been challenging so yea.


How I’ve been…

  1. Physically:
    1. Sleep was really spiking up and down. And not enough.
    2. Was regularly on the go, it was by God’s grace that I didn’t fall sick somehow.
    3. Exercise was same as last week.
  2. Mentally:
    1. A little improvement compared to last week, but same lack of sustainability.
    2. Particularly the weekend was bad.
  3. Emotionally:
    1. Pretty much the same as last week. Took a dive as the weekend came.
  4. Socially:
    1. Had an interesting lunch meetup with Charm and friend on Wed. It was alright.
    2. That’s about it, I guess.
  5. Spiritually:
    1. Was more or less okay until dropping as the weekend came >.>
    2. [What God’s taught me this week]: What does it profit a man to gain the whole world for a lie and lose his soul? That was a tough thing to reflect on.
      1. “Stop chasing what your mind wants and you’ll get what your soul needs.”
        1. This hit home.
      2. The old man [Abba Moses] also said unto him, “If works do not correspond to prayer he who prayeth laboureth in vain.” And a brother asked him:” What is the equality of works with prayer?” The old man said unto him, “He who prayeth that he may receive the remission of sins must not henceforth be negligent, for if a man relinquisheth his own will, he will be accepted by God rightly.”
        1. I like this for how it chides me for my lack of the former/negligence in work. More to be done.
      3. A brother asked an old man, saying, “Fasting and praying which spring from men, what do they effect?” The old man said unto him, “They make the soul to be humble before God, for it is written, ‘Look upon my subjugation, and my labour, and forgive me all my sin.’ (Psalm xxv, 18). For if the soul be afflicted it will receive mercy from God.”
        1. Some would probably disagree with this (and there are grounds to do so), but I like the idea of adopting a humble attitude in (and prior to) prayer.
  6. Character improvements:
    1. Felt like I was making some small improvements.
  7. Hobbies:
    1. Little time spent gaming.
  8. Random thoughts:
    1. “Hm…”
    2. “I cannot do much good, Lord, but the little I can, I try to do by Your grace…”
    3. “Hm…”
    4. “Tired…”
    5. “…hm…?”
    6. “Bleh.”
    7. “Blargh.”
  9. Week ahead:
    1. Week’s almost over. Well, time to clear one essay tonight and another over the weekend.
  10. Prayer for upcoming week:
    1. Purity of heart and mind.
    2. Focus of heart and mind.
    3. Diligence of hands and feet.



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