RwR 22/1 to 28/1

A week of learning.

SoTW: Autumn Equinox – Lucas King / In Christ Alone (I Place My Trust) – Brian Littrell

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Well that was fast.


As shown, a general notice to cease and desist has been sent. I didn’t know that other platforms were actually used but in any case, it seems like a good idea to comply.

Rest assured that the materials will be continue to be with me (since I’ve taken the module) and I’d be more than happy to inform one of what a module is like if they reach out to contact me somehow. Meetups at the Deck, for example, would be fairly convenient. On my end, though, I’ll cut down the public profile of this by removing all the URL links in the module reviews so they are no longer accessible.

Edit: Additionally, all materials except for my essays and personal notes will be removed from the links by the end of today, so there should be no issue in compliance with said notice. As mentioned above, I’ll try to assist as best as possible with specific cases but that’s about as far as I’m able to go, unfortunately

Reviews will continue to be done, but future reviews will predictably be without such links  have said links but only my notes and essays.

They were good days.

Yes, they have been good days.