RwR 11/12 to 17/12

The end of MUN.

SoTW: Goodbye – Lucas King / All The Way, My Saviour Leads Me – Robert Lowry

I had actually planned to write this last night but crashed after writing my PAMUN reflections so I’m writing it today (much later than I planned to, unfortunately). So here we go.

How I’ve been…

  1. Physically:
    1. More sleep – I’ve been getting fairly regular hours and repaying my sleep debt built up during the whole semester.
    2. Down with some flu though…been rushing around too much and caught a bug from my Dad so yea, it sucks being slightly sick.
    3. For that reason exercise is off the table until I’m better.
  2. Mentally:
    1. The ride never ended: Monday and Tuesday were spent at MUN, Wednesday was spent flying back and having a busy day, so was Thursday and Friday and…
    2. Saturday was video-making day and Sunday was also pretty busy. So the good thing is I’ve always had things to do; the bad thing is well, one’s mind doesn’t sit back and slack, so to speak.
    3. But it’s alright. I quite enjoy this feeling of accomplishment and hope to keep it up. It’s not like I’ll run out of things to do anyway…
  3. Emotionally:
    1. Almost high all the way – yep, you got that right. MUN was a high, well flying back was less of a high but after a safe flight and productive Wednesday and Thursday…everything went well.
    2. Friday too, although my emotions were on freeze while I was making videos for Saturday due to the intense amount of concentration required to get many things done in a short period of time along with repeated quality checks.
    3. Sunday saw…a little dip, but not that much. Still, it’s the best week I’ve had in a long time.
  4. Socially:
    1. Aside from meeting so many cool people during MUN, I didn’t have any planned meetups this week with my friends after I had returned. Was too busy for all that, although there was a Xmas party that I attended but left early due to having an early Thursday morning.
    2. Oh I did meet the Flyer, though. I’ve not talked about him in the past on here but we went for a trial cello lesson together because we’re both interested to learn more of it. We had an okay convo over lunch which is cool. Maybe if we take more regular lessons it’ll develop the friendship.
    3. Also had a short meeting with Guinevere when I visited her church on Sunday. For those that don’t know, somehow God brought her to the faith along with some of her friends, relatives and family of course. She’s attending one of the smaller charismatic mega-churches and since I was planning to visit churches this weekend I headed there after checking out SAC. It was alright – passed her an unused guitar since she’s probably going to take it up while it’s holidays and that’s about it.
    4. [BGR]: While I was in Taiwan, it was pretty far from my mind. When I was back, it was also pretty far from my mind. Only surfaced a little more on Sunday when my mind came off hibernation mode from video-making, but I too found that the conclusion was the same as last week. Which is good.
  5. Spiritually:
    1. In retrospect, I think God provided amply for the PAMUN trip. I had needed a partner to fly back early with, and a few hours before I was going to call it off (aka not go for the MUN), someone I didn’t know (Darren) dropped me a message and explained how he also needed to fly back early. That’s pretty cool.
    2. Also, I had my eye on a particular cello made by Johann Strings (the number 70 which I liked for its bright maple) but traveled down on Wednesday and found they no longer made it. And while I was mulling over what to buy, I looked on Carousell and found someone selling their student cello for $500, which was exactly what I wanted. The whole transaction went smoothly: I collected my cello on Thursday and had it in time for my trial lesson on Friday. Again, I hadn’t expected to find what I wanted on Carousell because I had frequently checked there but at that moment I had checked it, the one I bought had just been listed there two days ago. A pretty good timing, if you ask me.
    3. Also about Guinevere: I’ve written about this in past RwRs and referred to it as the ‘third miracle’, but again it was surreal discussing matters of the faith with someone I never expected to come to the faith. How God works in two years indeed.
    4. [What God’s taught me this week]: I think one point on providence – as in for both the PAMUN and cello – along with purpose. God showed how He can provide in both, and that’s worth bearing in mind for the future with regards to career and relationships (or lack thereof). Purpose-wise, I asked myself what I was in Taiwan to do: I certainly wouldn’t have minded taking care of those who were drunk or didn’t want to club but not many of these opportunities arose. Along the way though, I realized that maybe my purpose there was to live out my faith – being kind and gracious even though it was emotionally exhausting at times to keep up with others conversationally, taking special care to include all even though one felt tempted to prioritize their attention on only some. Yea, it wasn’t a trip in vain.
  6. Character improvements:
    1. Continued progress from last week, which is good.
  7. Hobbies:
    1. Not much aside from some slight practice on Sunday evening. But it’s alright – I’ve pretty much stopped gaming altogether.
  8. Random thoughts:
    1. “Mmh…”
    2. “Heh, I didn’t win anything as expected, but that Oral Commendation was unexpected.”
    3. “What a bittersweet farewell…but such a swansong, too.”
    4. “Busy busy busy. Gosh there’s so many people O.o”
    5. “Yay MoG’s here. Then again, I didn’t get to update him that much.”
    6. “Wow, she looks amazing in that…dress? One piece? Whatever it is, she pulled it off very well.”
    7. “Busy busy busy.”
    8. “Omg I love this cello. I’m going to name it after I’ve gotten better at it though…’pushing tables and chairs’ sounds exactly what my playing is like…”
    9. “Cool trial class, but so much work needs to be done on bowing and getting the proper bold hold ><"
    10. “Busy busy busy. But three videos in one day – that’s a record I’ll probably never top. Great productivity though.”
    11. “Hmmmh….so you say, but…”
    12. “Well, one step at a time.”
  9. Week ahead:
    1. Gotta clear lots of stuff, do thesis research and write a lot of stuff on this blog. Announcements, updates etc. Also need to prep for an upcoming VCF camp as a BSL…so lots of reading to do. And cello practice too.
  10. Prayer for upcoming week:
    1. Good health because I lack it at the moment.
    2. Diligence to do the necessary preparation for the camp.
    3. Strength to get back up once again and continue hoping.






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