RwR 4/9 to 10/9

A sick week.

SoTW: Alone In Space – Lucas King / Your Grace Is Enough – Chris Tomlin


Timecheck: 12:48am.


Planned to type this a bit earlier but was busy with other stuff. So here it goes:


How I’ve been…

  1. Physically:
    1. Totally sick. Sore throat on Monday followed by a bit of nose irritation, then running/blocked nose came in the middle of the week.
    2. Conditioned worsened then slowly improved as the week came to an end.
    3. Naturally nothing for exercise (been quite some time alr) but my sleep routines improved as I became less energetic.
  2. Mentally:
    1. A bit worse for the wear – falling sick as I hit the weekend and a busy weekend left me with not much time to do work or other stuff.
    2. One realizes how they take good health as a precursor to ease of cognitive abilities for granted.
  3. Emotionally:
    1. Mostly down as the week continued and my health declined. False/illusory “ups” saw a crash on Saturday and a slow recovery throughout Sunday.
    2. Out of the downs and crash though, one did get some things. But other more pressing concerns took away the time necessary to focus on them and cement them.
  4. Socially:
    1. Nothing much, had a good meetup with Priestess on Wednesday and with Rein/Kas on Sunday but that was about it.
    2. Met some random people on Sunday – maybe I’ll write more about it in a future post or probably just in a video.
    3. [BGR]: Increasingly on my mind as the weekend approached, and was something that needed confrontation as the week ended. One looks around and sees quite a few couples – exacerbating that sense, but after that one realizes that what lasts might be better than a brief illusion.
  5. Spiritually:
    1. Mostly flat throughout the week with an exception on Sunday morning and night. Mostly.
    2. When several things line up, though, one thinks that God might be trying to say something.
    3. And so one asks for the grace and strength to go forth on that.
  6. Character improvements:
    1. Not much…not much.
  7. Hobbies:
    1. Practically no time spent on hobbies.
  8. Random thoughts:
    1. “I hate being sick… It feels awful, and one still has work to do.”
    2. “Then again, I could probably have avoided this if I hadn’t slept so many late nights. Stupid me.”
    3. “In the end, that too was an illusion…”
    4. “Oh hey, I got a reply. That’s nice.”
    5. “What the heck is going on…? Lol”
    6. “A guy like him can get a girl like her?! What have I been doing wrong this whole time?”
    7. “That probably wasn’t the best way to think about it…”
    8. “I’m starting to think it’s nigh impossible to find a GCG that has slightly more than a passing interest in weeb culture, let alone finding someone to cos together with.”
  9. Week ahead:
    1. Another busy week catching up on work from the weekend and from when I was sick.
  10. Prayer for upcoming week:
    1. Recovery from my illness – that it will come speedily for it feels like the worst is over.
    2. Assurance that what I dreamed of might indeed come true, and faith that it will.
    3. Fortitude to bear this cross without medication.

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