28 covers up!

Probably the most I’ve ever recorded.

After almost four hours of non-stop drumming and recording (first cover was recorded at 3:30pm, finished recording at 7:20pm yesterday) and countless hours in post-production and rendering (blew most of last night after recording and pretty much all of today on it), it’s finally done.

I’m quite happy to have recorded a cover using a nostalgic video by Butterworks as the backing track – this would be the first “collab” I’ve done in a long time and it turned out rather well. A few Chinese and Foreground Eclipse covers were recorded too, but by and large most of the covers were Christian songs I had wanted to try recording for a long time during the past sem but never got around to doing so.

This Game

Butterworks Mashup

Beautiful Saviour
From The Inside Out
Holy Is The Lord
I Adore You
I Was Made To Praise You
In Christ Alone (I Place My Trust)
Jesus I Need You
Jesus The Same
Jesus, You’re My Firm Foundation
Made Me Glad
Turn It Up
With All I Am

Alone (Nightcore Ver.)
Faded (Nightcore Ver.)

[Foreground Eclipse]
I Bet You’ll Forget That Even If You Noticed That
When Innocence Is Just A Mask
You May Not Want To Hear This, But

And with that, the total number of recorded covers hits 366 (including drum lives for church would be 411). That would be quite an achievement if half of those covers were of a high standard, but they serve better to show how my drumming has changed and improved over the years ^^

Finally, I’ve made a page collating all these covers called the Coverdex (not very imaginative a name). It should be of interest to those looking for my drum covers instead of module reviews here, but otherwise it’ll also be a good backup in the event my links go missing or something.

Time to put drums down and move on to other stuff~


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