You Are My Hiding Place – Selah (Chords)

A canon song 😀

A song which starts out soft but builds well into a crescendo. Some minor edits/simplifications from Ultimate Guitar’s chords.

This is the canon version of the song I refer to by Selah.


One of my go-to songs when I’m feeling down because of the lyrics. Self-explanatory – a great song for a moderately large group of people to sing (10~20) because of the canon chorus/verse:  one group sings the verse which interweaves with the other groups chorus. Each line begins just as the other line is ending and sometimes both groups are singing at the same time.

Eg: (Men singing blue, women singing magenta, both singing in green)

(…whenever I am afraid)

I will trust in You*[1]/You are my hi*[2]ding place

(You are my hi-)

I will trust in You*[3]/You always fill my hea*[4]rt

(You always fill my hea-)

Let the weak say I am stron*[5]g/With songs of deliverance


In the strength of the Lord/Whenever I am afraid…*[6]

(to end)

I will trust in You…


[1]: Directly after the ‘You’, the other group (which will be the women in this example) begins singing their line. But because ‘You’ isn’t a very long bar, the men will begin singing their second line (“I will trust in You”) in the middle when the women are singing their line.

[2]: This is where the men “cut” in – right in between the ‘hi’ and ‘ding’ of ‘hiding’. The magenta (You are my hi-) shows what the men would hear before they begin singing their second line, and so on and so forth for the rest of the song.

[3]: Same as [1], the women begin singing directly after this “You” ends.

[4]: Same as [2], this is where the men cut in.

[5]: This is where it gets tricky. Basically both groups are clinging on to the chords played because the chords for both the verse and chorus are the same. Overlaying the two lyrics would be quite difficult so I broke down the words to better help those trying to achieve this canon effect. Each number represents one tap/count (you can count it in quarters or eights) and shows how long that word is held for (I, I…, I… for example shows that ‘I’ is held for three counts). Colour coding follows as shown above.

1 Let

2 the weak

3 say                            With

4 I                                 songs

5 I…                              songs…

6 I…                              of

7 am                            of…

8 strong                      de…

9 strong…                   li…

10 In                            ver…

11 The                         rance…

12 Strength                Whenever

13 Strength…              I

14 Of                            am

15 the                          afraid

16 Lord                       afraid…

Because of the way there is a slight difference in earlier lines, both groups don’t start singing at the same time. The delay for the second group is exactly offset, however, so that both groups end at the same time.

[6] And because both groups end at the same time, it is perfectly possible to end with both groups singing the last line. It sounds pretty great actually.

Song-wise, I’ve been privileged to have led this song for worship once and attempted the canon effect after most had gotten used to the chorus. It sounds, as mentioned above, really good, but might be a bit difficult for a larger congregation to sing because of the last two lines essentially going at the same time and some might be confused what they’re supposed to be singing when they hear others singing something different but correct chord and timing-wise. Because of the song’s ending chords which make it easy to repeat, it’s also a earworm once you’ve heard it. Caution is advised 🙂


(Underscores are to replace spaces for some chords – treat them as blank spaces)


Em               Am7

You are my hiding place

D                 G

You always fill my heart

_           C        Am7

With songs of deliverance

Bm7               Bm7

Whenever I am afraid


Em    Am7

I will trust in You

D       G

I will trust in You

Let the weak say

C          Am7

I am strong

_           Bm7            Bm7

In the strength of the Lord


When the guy’s voice soared (literally) at the chorus after coming back from the instrumental interlude….that sounds amazing. Like he went into a different register/chord for that split second.



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