Forevermore – Planetshakers (Chords)

I love the bridge.

The sole upload I can find of this song on Youtube.


I’ve recently been listening to more of this song and quite liked it, but couldn’t find any chords for it online. None. At. All. Zettai iyada.

And so, I’m proud to present the first song I’ve chorded. Not pitch perfect so it’s probably not super accurate, but to my imperfect ears it sounds passable -w-. Of course, any corrections are welcome – I’m uploading this so that others who like this song like me can actually have something to work with/from without starting from scratch like I did.


The (Dm) is optional as its a passing chord.

[Verse 1]

_                                    C

A new song I will sing

_                 Am7
An offering I bring

_                             F                      C
My life is for the glory of my King

_                                 C
My all I give to You

_                                         Am7
Lord do what You must do

_                                     Dm      G
My heart is Yours and Yours alone


F                        C

All I have is Yours

F                     G

Use me as You will

F                                          Dm                    G

I lay my whole life down for You


_              F                           C
Forevermore I will worship

_                F   G        Am7
Forevermore I will sing

_             F                      C
For You alone I will worship


(Dm)           G


[Verse 2]
_                                   C

I stand here in this place

_                                 Am7
In wonder of Your grace

_                               F                             C
My Jesus You are everything to me

_                                     C
My heart it sings Your praise

_                                      Am7
Lord lead me in Your ways

_                       Dm         G
I’ll follow You forevermore


C          F          C          G


C          F


C          Dm       G



I’m not sure how good this would work solely on a guitar but it’s worth a shot as a potential worship song.


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