For Who You Are – Hillsongs (Chords)

A good starter.

A nice quiet song with some minor edits from Ultimate Guitar’s chords.

Here’s a great cover by Daniel Choo using his tabs (which can be found in the description – he’s also uploaded a tutorial for the song) if you’d like to get a feel for what it sounds on the guitar.


I quite like the chorus – a nice take on Matthew 6:33 instead of worshiping God for what He can give. Thinking of it this way – if one had a friend that was only friends with one because of what one could give them, one might be inclined to think ‘this guy sees me as an ATM or Santa Claus.’ Same goes for God – this song reflects the ‘Seek not the gift but the giver’ mentality and takes it one step further in emphasizing God’s character as the draw.

Also the verse is a great warm up for those that don’t yet feel ready to worship due to the lyrics, making this good as a first or second song in a worship set.


(Underscores are to replace spaces for some chords – treat them as blank spaces)

Key: G





Standing here in Your presence


Thinking of the good things You have done


Waiting here, patiently


Just to hear Your still small voice again


Em        D                 C                    D

Holy, righteous, faithful to the end,

Em            D            C                         C

Saviour, Healer, Redeemer, and Friend


_                         G

I will worship You for who You are

_                          C

I will worship You for who You are

_                         Em                    D

I will worship You for who You are




_                    G                 C

My soul secure, Your promise sure

_         Em       D   C   (G)

Your love endures always


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