Crown Him (King of Kings) – Don Moen (Chords)

A fairly old song.

Simplified from these chords.

My go-to version of this song – an amazing choir.

And for those curious what it looked like – I believe this is the live that it was recorded from.


I’ve always liked this song but it was difficult to find simple guitar chords for it. With the help of my sis though, the below chords are a lot simpler to play (if not precisely correct, it’s close enough for me).

What do I like about this song? Going at a slow tempo (slower than the video as a matter of fact) allows one to hit the chorus at a nice, comfortable speed. Because ‘Emmanuel’ can be dragged out for a long time without sounding weird, one has to go slow in order to fully get that feeling from the song. Not ‘Emmanuel God is with us’ in a quick breath, but “Eemmmann…..nnnuuu…elllllll……God.. is wiiiiii…..ith………”. It sounds ridiculous typed out as such, but that’s what I meant by the “rumble” – many voices singing and dragging out the words. Going slow also allows for the buildup at the last two lines into a triumphant feeling to match the lyrics, so I’m a firm believer that speeding this song up causes it to lose some of its majestic presence.

By that same token, do the verse slow too so there’s tempo consistency. It might sound draggy at the verse but trust me, that slow tempo will be just right when you hit the chorus. Somewhere between 58 to 60bpm should be fine.


(Underscores are to replace spaces for some chords – treat them as blank spaces)


G                                      C

Crown Him King of kings

G                                    C

Crown Him Lord of lords

Am                G

Wonderful Counselor

_                      Am7           D

The mighty God


G  D  Em          Am7 D G

Emmanuel, God is with us

_   C

And He shall reign


He shall reign

_               Am        D      G

He shall reign forever more


I really like the instrumental drop and loopback to the chorus Don did. A great way to extent the song for a little longer and build into a higher ending. Also, the echo’d chorus sounds really sweet.


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