Fluff and Stuff

Ramble/how to contact me for module review problems/contributions.

The fluff

It’s been some time since I’ve written a non-RwR post here (for those that can’t be bothered to dig through old archives, RwR stands for ‘Roe’s week in Review’ where I type out semi-personal thoughts about how the previous week has been. More often than not it’s a couple of days late from Sunday evening but I try to get it done…) and I also notice that I’ve passed several 1k milestones for views (which I usually celebrated with a post) due to, well, not really bothering to write posts about them.

It’s great (the page views/blog hits, I mean), it makes me happy that most of the views come from module reviews. That tells me that some people somewhere at least get an idea of what they’re going into instead of flying blind (as I am when I go into most modules because, well, few modules I’ve taken have had reviews written for them before, much less material uploaded…). And that’s a start. Probably the best I could do so too as well, because I can’t give any more material short of the essays I’ve written (which I loath to do so due to personal information being there). That’s why each folder is labelled ‘Sharable Stuff – (Mod Code)’, because outside of anything which has my personal info, I’ve dumped it all there.

Speaking of people being helped, I’d like to do a shoutout to a certain Daniel who’s the first recorded guy to thank me for my module reviews in an email. It’s not like I’m writing these reviews for the adulation of others but it’s always nice to see some evidence match one’s presumptions (about people being helped). If I was a little prouder, one would draw comparisons to the story of the Ten Lepers but that’s alright – this isn’t to bring others down but say thanks for…others saying thanks, if that makes sense (haha).

The Stuff

In a similar vein regarding contacting me, Daniel contacted me about an inability to access materials I’ve uploaded. That was resolved, but I’d like all readers to be aware that I’m generally alright sending new links (probably gDrive) if they can’t access with the current links for whatever reasons. You can contact me through my G+ tab (the last icon under the ‘Shameless advertiser’) which should link you to an alternate email address I use for handling these things, and I’ll reply you when I get to it.

Contributions wise, I know it’s a bit late to ask for this, but I’d like to reiterate my desire to have more people writing (aka contributing) reviews here. I will shamelessly go post in NUSMods (as I’ve done for every single mod reviewed) once you’ve written the review and credit you accordingly, so the only thing you lose is a bit of time writing said review.

So do I. If you’d like to help those that come after you though, that time (especially during the summer/winter break) might be in abundance, so that should lower the opportunity cost of writing a review somewhat. And you get to have the same motivation which made me interested – being the senior one wished they had 🙂

Anyway, enough disclaimers and plugging. Here’s the link to a gForm if you’re interested to write reviews and have them hosted on this platform (you can always start up your own blog and that’s great for writing personal stuff as well), and I’ll add each review to the Index as time goes by. Indeed if time permits, I might do a short write-up for regular contributors (or they can write their own introduction and I’d write for the irregular/casual contributors) on here for….fun. Fluff.

And stuff.

More fluff

That should be all – I hope to write more posts on intriguing ideas before school starts instead of dull and dreary RwRs (I could add more detail of course, but since this is a semi-public platform…eh…..probably not.)  This is the fun season where I speak with freshies or juniors and sometimes I’d get a “oh wait a sec you wrote that review? I’ve been going to that site for ages and didn’t know it was you that wrote it/your site LOL” especially when it comes to reviews for GE mods.

Looking at wordpress stats, August 2nd hit a new high. Like…534 views from 291 visitors high. As expected since that’s when round 1C began for freshies (and I did send this module review link to a few freshies at a CF bidding party), but I didn’t expect so many views for the top three mods:

  1. Review of CFG1010 – 118 views. Literally a fifth of the views (or almost a third of all visitors, assuming all visitors visited each page evenly) went to this…mod. I’m aware for the new batch that it’s no longer a 0 MC mod (2 MCs upgradable to 4 for a U/E slot) but I’m not sure why one might be interested to upgrade it. Maybe they might learn more stuff that makes that 2 MCs worth it. And hopefully the methods taught here would prevent future suicides from occurring (or at least reduce their incidence) – a far stretch, perhaps, but well if learning meditation in the mod or how to tackle stress works, it’s not as pointless as I thought it might be.
  2. Review of GET1032 – 72 views. Now I’m not sure whether this is a good or bad thing (for if one read the strikethrough lines, guys might be interested to take this module suddenly) that this module review is rather popular, but I’ll leave it to the lecturers to handle the surging interest. For guys – don’t take the module because you hope/want to meet cute? girls there (though that’s a bit rich coming from me) – take it because you want to learn some basic ideas about handling interpersonal relationships. And yes, that extends to romantic/BGRs too. But if you go in after that review hoping things are the same, I can’t guarantee it won’t be a sausagefest what you expected.
  3. Review of GET1026 – 55 views. This was barely in third place because the home page/archives scored 53 views, but this is a popular review because one too many students think ‘hey this mod sounds interesting, maybe I should read a review on it.’ Indeed, it’s actually the most popular review of all time (2,287, beating out Public Speaking by just under a hundred views), although I’m not sure how many actually go on to take that module.

Going forward, next sem is going to be busy busy busy. God has blessed me most kindly in one aspect (for those that read my Y2S2 reviews) but other aspects of my life are still a blank, empty page. And being in a position of some responsibility, one can’t exactly (or shouldn’t, rather) pursue a relationship even if the opportunity arises with someone that’s been placed under their (spiritual) charge. So absent a (or several, if I were to be brutally honest) miracle(s) happening, it looks like it’s going to be another year of JAM – Jesus and me.

Then again, all in the good Lord’s time. So for now…





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