RwR 24/7 to 30/7

An unproductive week.

SoTW: The Last Harpy – Lucas King / At The Cross – Hillsongs


Timecheck: 11:10pm.


Could’ve postponed this till tomorrow but it’s late enough – let’s get it done.


How I’ve been…

  1. Physically:
    1. Aside from minor fluctuations for the better, sleep cycles seem to be getting worse. Nothing like a couple of 4ams to make one realize the importance of high quality (and not just quantity) sleep.
    2. Same old for exercise – I feel like I’ve plateaued. Or maybe just been too caught up with other things.
  2. Mentally:
    1. Little use of the brain this week. Some, but not much.
    2. Should have been a lot more – and might have been, if I had managed my time better.
  3. Emotionally:
    1. A rollercoaster that had many unexpected turns. Random things happening and all – I’m surprised the week ended at roughly the same point things began on.
    2. Of course, one tries to remain high, but sometimes there are lows mixed within said highs that aren’t apparent until much later. Key would be to working them out so that they cause less fluctuations in the future.
  4. Socially:
    1. Some minor interaction, a brief encounter with new people was always nice.
    2. One wished it could have been longer than a day, but perhaps that was for the best as well…
    3. Ultimately, the week ended slightly better in this aspect than when it began.
  5. Spiritually:
    1. A fairly dead week, no thanks to a lack of searching.
    2. One or two attempts to get back on track did exist but were unfortunately snuffed out by a lack of discipline.
  6. Character improvements:
    1. Fitful at best, but perhaps more will come, and sooner rather than later.
  7. Hobbies:
    1. Too much OW.
    2. Some drums for church, but I’ve decided to stop recording and uploading them until I can find a way to record the sound that’s coming through the mix rather than having the drums drown out the physical microphone.
  8. Random thoughts:
    1. “Just because this is the right thing doesn’t mean it’s enjoyable…”
    2. “Some battles are not meant to be fought.”
    3. “If one looks hard enough for what they find, they might very well just find it.”
  9. Week ahead:
    1. Some events to attend – hoping to catch up on much needed work in my free time this week.
  10. Prayer for upcoming week:
    1. Better discipline to manage my time.
    2. Wisdom to think through some questions.
    3. Endurance for the onslaught of activities.

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