Amino: Reddit meets Tumblr meets Kik


Amino is an application centered around user-created communities. Although loosely moderated by a core team of developers who regularly prune said communities to remove inactive leaders or those which break the application’s guidelines, users have considerable freedom to decide the form and function of their communities. This article’s written as a combination of thoughts and/or observations about this intriguing application – its current state and some challenges it faces.

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15 covers up!

Part One of a bunch of songs that I wanted to cover during the semester but didn’t want to put aside time to do so, so waited until finals were over. Part Two hasn’t been recorded, but it’ll mostly be Chinese and Foreground Eclipse re-covers.

Whew. It’s all done. About 2.5 hours of recording, 1.5 hours of post-production, 1.5 hours of rendering and 2 hours of writing descriptions plus updating playlists. Well, a few good covers and a bunch of decent ones. A few bad covers too ><

CustomiZ – COOLEST (Drum Cover 1)

Hillsongs – This I Believe (The Creed) (Drum Cover 1)
Hillsongs – No Other Name (Drum Cover 1)
Planetshakers – Turn It Up (Drum Cover 1)
Hillsongs – Tear Down The Walls (Drum Cover 1)
Hillsongs – Evermore (Drum Cover 3)
Hillsongs – Worthy Is The Lamb (Drum Cover 1)
Hillsongs – Hosanna (Drum Cover 1)
Hillsongs – Christ Is Enough (Drum Cover 1)

Linkin Park – Faint (EMT Remix) (Drum Cover 1)
Evanescence – Bring Me To Life (Nightvore Ver.) (Drum Cover 3)
Christina Grimmie – I Bet You Don’t Curse God (Drum Cover 1)
Cascada – Everytime We Touch (DJRK Nightcover Ver.) (Drum Cover 1)
Alan Walker – Faded (Cherry Nightcore Ver.) (Drum Cover 1)

ryo feat. Hatsune Miku – Melt (Nico Nico Chorus Ver) (Drum Cover 7)

Somewhat amusingly, one of my drumsticks broke during recording of the ‘No Other Name’ cover. I’ve got a few spares, but there goes the pair of matched sticks. The Vic Firth 5B will now be paired with another Vic Firth 5AN.