Milestone + RwR 20/3 to 26/3

A few days late to 13k views milestone, but yay! Glad the reviews are still helping some people~

This (or rather last) week has been a week of…ups and downs I guess.

SoTW: None But Jesus – Hillsongs

1:38am and again late by two days. I’d say better late than never but I’d also prefer ‘on time’ not ‘late’.

At least it won’t be that difficult remembering what happened last Monday since it wouldn’t be so far away.

Anyway, let’s go. How I’ve been…

  1. Physically:
    1. Not bad, not bad. Went for a 2.4km run on Friday, started exercising a bit more than just pushups.
    2. Clocked 12:30 for those wondering. Not fantastic by any means, but certainly enough for me to pass my IPPT in July when I take it and I’m quite happy considering the last time I ran was two months back.
    3. No warm-ups, minimal static stretching. Lucky I didn’t pull a muscle – I used the first 400m to slowly get my body used to running before I went at it. Brought back memories of “running” with Emi…ah. Those were the days.
    4. Maybe one day I’ll find someone like her, haha. But I digress.
  2. Mentally:
    1. Down, up, down.
    2. Had a restful week as I finished my second last essay the week before. So it was a lot less stressed.
    3. Still was trying to rush readings though, due to poor time management and impulse control.
    4. Gotta get a better handle on that.
  3. Emotionally:
    1. Eh…was like bleh on Monday, then went up all the way till Friday, then Sat and Sun were like more bleh.
    2. Fluctuations due to social meetups. Haha
  4. Socially:
    1. Met up with the Priestess on Wednesday and that was quite good…met up with Pajamas on Friday and it was not that good.
    2. More of post-meet up that wrecked my emotions than anything that happened during the meet up. But I was still glad to meet up with Pajamas.
    3. Didn’t go to church; had a busy Saturday.
    4. Saturday left me drained though. Going to Bugis when all the couples are out in full swing tends to make one more aware of their singlehood than anything else.
    5. [Special Section: BGR] – Unsurprisingly it was more salient this week – emerged in both discussions and was also reminded of it as mentioned above during the weekend.
      1. Sometimes one’s told advice but doesn’t heed it. Specifically with regards to guarding one’s heart.
      2. Then after they’ve been taught a rather painful lesson they realize the wisdom behind said lesson.
      3. Ah, the cares of youth. Still, one looks around and wonders how precisely one would start a relationship if all their female friends are already attached.
      4. That would put unwanted pressure on rapid escalation with a new “friend”. Ah well. As the Lord leads…only next AY will I start looking for something serious. Or I’d be more than pleased if it came up and feelings were mutual, but I highly doubt girls would make the first move.
      5. Well, time will tell~
  5. Spiritually:
    1. Got a definite ‘Yes’ from God regarding taking up the role of a CGL over the weekend and during my QT.
    2. Two choices laid ahead of me – Do a Jonah and say ‘God I don’t wanna do it, pick somebody else’ or go ahead with it knowing it’s gonna be tough, but God’s beside me.
    3. I’m a kia si guy. I think – if I do believe in an omnipresent & omnipotent God, which I do – God still might be gracious to send someone else. But I’m not going to ask God for that…I think it’s better idea to say ‘alright, I’ll go. You go before me and You stand behind me and beside me. I’ll take this up.’
    4. And thus, God answered my prayer. For that. And when I bitched to the Priestess about why God was so astoundingly clear in ministry but not BGR, she replied ‘well that just goes to show it’s not God’s time for that yet.’
      1. I replied ‘I know….I just wish it wasn’t the case.’ Ultimately it boils down to faith though – faith in God’s sov.
      2. And so one continues~
    5. Indeed. It’s going to be challenging, and I had hoped to start a r/s in Year 3. Not sure whether that’s possible now, but upon closer examination it’s a nice want, though not a need.
    6. So I think I’ll do just fine, God willing.
  6. Character improvements:
    1. Minor progress in nailbiting…gone again.
    2. Slowly picking up myself once more to be better steward of the time I’ve been given.
  7. Hobbies:
    1. A bit of CS:GO on Friday night, was fun.
    2. Nothing for drums.
  8. Random thoughts:
    1. When one spends too much time thinking about a door that never was open in the first place, it shows something about oneself.
    2. HTHT conversations about life with my Dad are good. I should do them more often – there’s a lot I can learn from someone’s that’s walked ahead of me.
    3. A man ought to pray and work. I’m not doing enough of both – time to buck up.
    4. This actually is a pretty accurate example of how social engineering, and to a lesser extent politics, functions. Its funny, too.
    5. Real life problems are often a lot more complicated than being black and white. And when self-interest gets in the way…yea.
    6. This was pretty funny though.
  9. Week ahead:
    1. Technically two days in. But got my last essay assignement and gonna be busy this weekend with drums for church service – good time management needed.
    2. Semester’s drawing to an end. Time to start preparing notes for finals mugging.
    3. It’s been a good semester. Not how I’d have liked it, but quite nice…
  10. Prayer for upcoming week:
    1. Discipline to set aside the necessary time.
    2. Wisdom to write the essay and do needed notes.
    3. That I’d always remember this quote talking about God’s love. It’s pretty meaningful to me.

2.05am! One more…before I rest.


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