RwR 6/3 to 12/3

A week of self-inflicted backlogs.

SoTW: Above All (Instrumental) – Michael W. Smith

The cello is truly a beautiful instrument. One day I’ll learn it.

Also now it’s 1:37am. Technically on Monday but I’ve not slept on Sunday night so it kinda counts…? At the very least it’s a review of the past week alright.

How I’ve been…

  1. Physically:
    1. Tired.
    2. I pulled my fever-addled self to school on Monday, then felt a bit better on Tuesday after some rest.
    3. Wednesday and Thursday saw some busy stuff.
    4. Friday was also a longer day than I expected, but I did enjoy meeting up with Pajamas in the morning.
    5. Saturday and Sunday – I’m slowly creeping back to my late night habits because of my bad habits of playing too much in the day and trying desperately to make up for it at night. So yea, suffering from effects of late night again…haven’t done push-ups since a couple of days before I fell ill, and haven’t continued them. Planning to restart next week.
  2. Mentally:
    1. Tired. Playing catch up late at night is not good for one’s mental health.
    2. Also knowing that one landed themselves in this situation is not very encouraging.
    3. It points to a dearth of responsibility.
  3. Emotionally:
    1. It’s had its up and downs….mostly down to up from illness to recovery, but it flatlined a bit when I saw the work that I needed to catch back up on.
    2. Spiked a bit during a couple of surprising meetups xD
  4. Socially:
    1. What’s Pajamas? Haha, well those are little “codenames” that I use for people I meet up with, according to a certain guide I’ve made up.
    2. I do this because it’s so much more natural to type ‘I’ve met up with this person’ rather than ‘I’ve met up with a few random people’, but for the sake of privacy I would not want to disclose my (or their) names.
    3. Hence these codenames will be in use, and those that kinda know who I’m talking about will, well, know who I’m talking about. Random readers can just fill in your imagination 😀
    4. One thing I should add though: Nobody’s codename is their real name. Like duh. (Or is it? Wahaha~)
    5. Anyway, socially. I had nobody to eat dinner with on Thursday night and crashed a meeting where Jasper and Rambo were present. It was a bit awkward as a ghost that materialized itself but Jasper was cool, Rambo was…cool too I guess.
    6. But what made it better was that I had an unexpected meetup with Priestess. Was walking to the Japser/Rambo location and saw her class, ending, texted and was surprised when I found her coming up behind me. Definitely made my day.
    7. And to follow that up on Friday morning with a Pajamas meet up was nice. Yay.
    8. [Special Section: BGR] – Ehh….didn’t really feel in the mood to think about such stuff when recovering. My mind was definitely on homework =.= although there were a few cute girls I noticed.
    9. Unfortunately I had to cancel my meetups on Monday with Jeep and Musique, which was something I had been looking forward to. Oh well.
  5. Spiritually:
    1. Been rather dry. Was like ‘alright let’s get better and return to normalcy after falling sick’ but it’s been slow.
    2. On the bright side, I’ve expanded my source of quotes for ‘Thematic QT’ to include Google. So I can find more stuff than just what’s in a little book.
    3. Also didn’t go to church this week. This is my bad >< since I was trying to catch up on said self-inflicted backlog…
    4. Have a big spiritual decision to make next Wednesday. Need to consult and pray on this.
    5. Would be nice to have both The Bearded One (TBO) and Am to consult but they’re both working…I’ll be seeing Star and Priestess though (hopefully the latter works out).
    6. One thing God’s placed on my heart though: Faithfulness. Not in the ‘be faithful to God’ sense, but the ‘be a good steward – he that is faithful in little will likewise be faithful with much.
    7. Sometimes I think that’s the reason I’m just like… that, and nothing happens between me and Priestess. Oh well.
  6. Character improvements:
    1. Nothing much. Nailbiting, nope. Responsibility and other stuff…clearly, nope. One step at a time.
  7. Hobbies:
    1. Didn’t play any CS:GO when trying to clear the backlog this weekend, but a lot of my time was sucked up on zombies in Rebuild 2 and 3.
    2. Did write, however, a Reddit post inquiring about a possible musical direction in the future. Will have to get to it in the future…
    3. Nothing for drums.
  8. Random thoughts:
    1. Playing RTS games imply one has a good strategic sense, but I don’t get a big sense of achievement from winning a Rebuild game on normal difficulty. I guess I just view myself as an average strategy player.
    2. The main reason why I play the Advent race in Sins of A Solar Empire is because of their voices. I didn’t play SoaSE this weekend, but my mind was considering a game of it after finals are over or something. Their voices though, are pretty dang attractive (putting it mildly).
    3. Combine that with things like Kancolle where you have a male character (the “Admiral”) commanding what is essentially a female battalion and it’s easy to see the appeal of Advent to anime fans like me. Plus SoaSE’s Advent are much cooler than Kancolle since spaceships>normal (and old) battleships.
    4. Someone should definitely make an anime or even draw Advent characters in an anime form. Given enough time and freedom away from other actual life responsibilities, I wouldn’t mind coming up with fanfic for the Advent lore.
    5. Also, life is a marathon, not a sprint. Gotta keep reminding myself of that.
  9. Week ahead:
    1. I don’t really like what my schedule is, but no choice. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Cleared an essay due on Tuesday but not started on a take-home midterms due on Friday – another essay deadline next Friday as well.
    2. In between that will be keeping up with weekly readings instead of having cleared them before the week even began. This cannot continue.
    3. There is time, but it must be used wisely. Hence the ‘faithful in small, faithful in all’ quote resonating with me.
  10. Prayer for upcoming week:
    1. Wisdom in work and writing my answers for the midterms.
    2. Good night’s sleep – that I may rest well when I sleep and not be kept awake.
    3. Godly counsel given by those I seek advice from.

You’d have thought I’d know better, but nooo……


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