Milestone & RwR 20/2 to 26/2

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An unproductive week ><

SoTW: The Greatness of Our God – Hillsongs

I literally forgot I’m supposed to type this every Friday evening…but yea. Here’s the RwR for this/last week (since it’s past 12 already).

How I’ve been…

  1. Physically:
    1. Pretty tired. Body clock is totally out of whack. Past couple of days I’ve only felt awake at 8pm and worked all the way till 4am before crashing…then waking at 11.30am and feeling sleepy around mid noon.
    2. In fact, here’s a run down of how my sleep timings have been (based on my SleepBot tracker)
      1. Monday: 3:51am to 11:30am.
      2. Tuesday: 3:38am to 11:56am.
      3. Wednesday: 3:41am to 10:56am.
      4. Thursday: 3:51am to 11:30am.
      5. Friday: 3:56am to 11:30am.
      6. Saturday: 4:32am to 11:00am (snoozed until 11:25am)
      7. Sunday: 4:24am to 10:25am (snoozed until 11:26am)
    3. Literally I’ve not been in bed before 2am for this entire week, and I wish I could have a lot to show for it but I don’t ><
    4. So yea. It’s super unhealthy and my goal will be to slowly re-calibrate my body clock to sleep at 11pm and wake at 8am. Tonight will be the first night I sleep before 3am…
    5. Fitness wise…I peaked at about 41/42 pushups and felt that I needed to give my left shoulder a rest, so I stopped doing regular pushups for a bit and that “break” became a lot longer. Gotta get back on it.
    6. Nailbiting: No progress on here…more work needed to apply the lotion and refrain from biting when I’m aware of it.
  2. Mentally:
    1. Tired. I’m alert now, but still tired.
  3. Emotionally:
    1. It’s been a heck of a week. It was really rough going in…Saturday, Sunday, Monday were the worst days.
    2. I saw an event on Wednesday evening that seemed interesting – Unity Worship service. Had no idea what it was about but what they were talking about (‘Are you weary? Do you feel you’ve lost your way?’) resonated with me.
    3. Had a major revelation that was extremely difficult….but possible, after attending.
    4. Since then it’s been a bit better. Slightly – still got a lot of things to think about and process.
  4. Socially:
    1. Okay, I guess. Spending time around people that I know a bit about is okay…not something fantastic, but not something that I dislike either.
    2. I could have done with more interaction though…but I don’t think my studies would’ve liked that.
    3. [Special Section: BGR] – I was pleasantly surprised when I found that my previous RwR had been liked by a non-bot person, someone called Guilia. One of the many miracles of the Internet, it feels like. Anyway, I checked out her blog and it seems to have some interesting blog posts about BGR. I’m interested to comment on a few of them when I have more time, but I’m pretty sure it’ll become a long comment so I’d rather type a response to her blog posts in the form of another blog post (hosted on my own blog, of course. This humble abode.) Key word: When I have more time. I’ll probably check out more of her posts sometime in the future, but it’s cool. No idea how my post even got found though…I tend to think most people come here for the module reviews and leave when they’ve gotten what they needed. So yup.
  5. Spiritually:
    1. Extremely challenging from last Saturday to this week Monday…really. Part of me was like ‘God, I did ask You to grow my faith but….I didn’t expect it to be this hard, and for me to not be able to find much comfort even in this journey…’
    2. I had slightly more things to think about post-Wednesday, however. And I will continue to pray about this…which is right, and try to answer some questions regarding levels of faith and dependence on God.
    3. Going deeper sounds about right, but I tend to work more on circumstantial methods of God speaking rather than based on feelings. Though I can’t deny a peaceful heart is also one of the ways that I tend to find God speaking through as well – just that circumstantial seems more regular.
  6. Character improvements:
    1. Nothing much here I’m afraid…
    2. But on Wednesday night, I finally laid down some weights that I had been holding in my heart. I call that the ‘Third Awakening’. It’s nice…difficult, but nice.
    3. Freedom – a slight growth of one’s faith.
  7. Hobbies:
    1. No progress made on hobbies…
    2. Had fun playing a bit of CS:GO. Still stuck in Silver Elite Master after a recent derank from Gold Nova 1 (on my main)…and yea. Without putting in time to get better it’s hard to maintain a GN1 standard. Oh well. Studies>gaming. (dare I say God>Studies>Gaming)
  8. Random thoughts:
    1. A Level results were just released. Good luck to all that received your results, I hope you got what you wanted (and I’ve got no idea how you’ll ever find this blog but it’s cool). Uni’s…busy. It’s like they say in army – it seems to be a bed of roses, but roses have thorns as well. But yea you do get a lot more free time, the guys can finally see more girls after two years of seeing just guys everyday, and you hopefully get to study what you’re actually interested in. So welcome on in.
      1. For those that couldn’t get in but do want to, don’t give up. Or rather, if you know you’re not interested to put in the effort then yea, you should go find some way to earn a living. But as long as you’re interested AND willing to slog away, go right ahead. I know of friends that didn’t get into Med but still want to become a doc – they spend 4-5 years more as a grad  student pursuing another degree in medicine. It’s not easy – later time to get married, more debts, more studying, less experience in working world. But they believe the sacrifice to be worth it, and they will get it whatever the age. Same for getting into uni – if you don’t mind getting in later than others, go for it. Pierce the heavens ;D
      2. For those interested in what I study (Pol Sci), drop me a PM/contact me somehow to find out what it’s like (or just crash the lectures or read my reviews). I’d be more than happy to elaborate what the differences between GP and PS are (as well as the similarities) so you can make a better decision. But Arts…you’ve got some leeway anyway in choosing your major. This is more for those deciding between PS in Arts and some other major in another Fac – more info may help you to make a better decision.
    2. There seems to be a monopoly of words. Like how to say…network externalities occur when a good or something is used by many because of its benefits of everyone also using that same good. It becomes a natural monopoly of sorts, I think: If nobody agreed on what money was then trade would be nigh impossible. If everyone disagreed whether orange should be spelt as ‘oranguase’ or ‘qiuherkv sidj’ then nobody would be able to transmit what they were thinking about to someone else because they wouldn’t understand it. So I think teaching people what a word means contributes to this natural monopoly, at least until someone comes up with acronyms or something.
      1. On a somewhat related note, I think acronyms or abbreviations should be recognized as words too. They may be in shortened form, but they still consist of letters and have an understandable meaning (lol, gtfo, gl hf). They can probably be conjugated too…
    3. Hebrews 12:2 was recently preached last Sunday at my church. And the bit about ‘…Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, …who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame…’. I never thought of it this way, but to scorn or despise the shame would totally blow out of the water the idea that Jesus enjoyed it. Probably some might’ve thought ‘Maybe Jesus was a masochist, maybe he liked suffering.’ Nah, it’s more like He knew the present was bleh, but the future was wow. So there’s no element of enjoying it in that sense, which makes said sacrifice more amazing.
    4. A quote from Reddit: Everyone has two lives. The second begins when you realize you only have one. I quite like this quote…interesting.
    5. Being around in school a bit and anecdotally…there are of course many girls in Arts. A ratio of 2.5/3 to one, I’d say. But most of the girls cute/attractive/pretty girls (superficially, at least) seem to be within Geog and Psych. It’s a pity I’ve not taken modules from those majors and girls in PS tend to be…..not my type, unfortunately (I’m sure they’re the type of others though!). But yea. Just a pity, and no I’m not going to randomly talk to girls from that major. Just an anecdotal observation…
    6. On a thread asking people post 40s why they haven’t settled down and how they feel about it, I like this reply: ‘I am somewhat disappointed that I didn’t meet the right person, but I’m very glad I didn’t settle down with the wrong person.’
      1. I do hope I meet the right person, but I also wonder consistently whether I’m the right person for her. As another quote that I like goes (also from Reddit): ‘Two good people could work out together, but that doesn’t mean that they’re what each other needs.’
      2. There’s definitely an element of God’s calling and maturity in all that. So no jumping into relationships out of loneliness – I desire not to make more echoes from the past…
  9. Week ahead:
    1. Week 7 begins. Also known as ‘Shhiiitt recess week was over so fast and I didn’t get much/any work done. Time to play catch up.’
    2. I kinda fall into that category. Cleared a couple of essays, but BOYYY…readings. Incoming fast!
    3. Also gotta study for the midterm paper on Wednesday. Haven’t started, oh dear.
  10. Prayer for upcoming week:
    1. Recal of my body clock over time.
    2. For God to show me more about what to do friendship wise and with my free time.
    3. For God to continue leading me on and supporting my growth in faith, though it can be really difficult at times, one has to be broken continually before they can be remade into something stronger and newer.

Gee golly it’s 2:46am. I need to sleep before 3!

(Also got a 10am lesson tomorrow. Shi..)


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