A small commitment

One small step…

Recently saw a friend’s post. I can’t find the button to like, but I wanted to because I feel the same way. About the last part I guess.

I do admire how some people can be so open on the net. I mean yea, I’ve been a little open in the past about stuff, but it seems like the opposite to what is predicted (that anonymity makes people more mean honest), because I tend to be more honest when talking irl. Maybe that’s not so much of the platform and more about who I’m talking to – if it’s someone I know then yea I’d open up much more.

But I do see some benefit in doing semi-regular updates like others do. Not so much because I think people will read them (iirc there’s a Reddit post that commented on how every semester break all the college kids with too much free time start writing on their blogs and disappear when school starts – kinda like those seasonal Maple/Runescape guilds back in the day which would be more active during semester breaks), but rather because it’s a nice way for me to do a weekly review. My diary entries are daily, but I don’t do weekly reviews because…yea, I just don’t tend to do them.

And diary sounds so much better than journal. Idk. It seems more personal, whereas a journal seems more suited for scientific studies/research/publications. But I digress.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about commitment recently. Church commitments, role of commitment in a relationship (whether with God or with someone else), commitment in BGR/marriage, stuff like that. You can see where this is going: I’ll make a small commitment to write a ‘diaryish’ post on here every weekend or so. Probably on Fridays or something…I’d probably be rushing work on a Sunday night. It’ll touch on a few topics, maybe not in so much depth as one would get in my diary entries, but at least it would be something. For those times when I hardly talk to others, they can scroll through and read about how I’ve been, or if they haven’t then it’s fine too since I’ll probably talk to them again when I’m feeling better or more sociable.

Because real friends stalk.

I kid, there’s not much to (s)talk about anyway. I’m an average guy living an average life.

So yea, that’ll be my goal. Wonder how this’ll turn out.

Categories for weekly entries (or basically how I’ve been):

  1. Physically (Progress in fitness if any, health ailments or just general complaints. Also about nailbiting progress – I do want ’em to grow so I can post to r/calmhands).
  2. Mentally (Mental tiredness or lack thereof)
  3. Emotionally (How I’ve been feeling or how I feel about some things recently)
  4. Socially (Meetups or lack thereof)
    1. BGRlly (Random musings)
  5. Spiritually (What I’ve learned about God, how WwG (walk w/ God) has been.)
  6. Character improvements (Things to work towards and progress)
  7. Hobbies (Progress on hobbies if applicable)
  8. Random Thoughts (As a mini thought/braindump)
  9. Week ahead (What I’ll be busy with in the upcoming week)
  10. Prayer for upcoming week (God first, no?)

Looks like quite a comprehensive list, yet not too long so that I spend too much time typing. And every entry will be hidden so that one has to click on it to expand it – this helps me to have a cleaner home page and track how many people actually click on this post to read more about my current state.

Alright then, that’s about all for now. Cyao~


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