Interested but unsure about NUS PS?

Following the recent release of A’s, there’ll obviously be people looking to decide whether they want to study Political Science in NUS Arts. Of course there’s the usual stuff and all, but since it’s something I know a bit about, this post might be of some help to them.

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Few lives uploaded

I tend to write a short introduction or so every time I paste links here, so here’s the monthly recording of drums played for church service:

David Evans – Be Still for the Presence of the Lord

Hillsongs – With Everything

Planetshakers – Lift Up Your Eyes

I hastily deleted the original footage before doing a post-prod/pre-UL check, so the title overlay remains for a couple of them and all three are missing both siggies of Roe and Zrn. Still, can’t be helped and it’s just a minor detail.

And so the first day of Recess Week comes to an end…