First week of school’s almost over and a milestone

Blog recently broke 11k views, that’s pretty cool.

Week 1 of school has been a lot more tiring than I thought it would be. Maybe it’s because there are quite a few commitments, maybe it’s because I’m not used to taking 4 core mods, maybe it’s because I’m just trying to max out productivity in every minute. So lectures seem to pass in slow motion because I’m like ‘alright next what’s next we’re waiting on this what for what sia =.=’ and that keeps recurring in my mind.

And assignments will come in fast and furious so keeping up the pace even when school’s just begun will be good. Thankfully some friend meetups do help to recharge, and I did manage to sell my textbook for PS2234 as well ^^.

Upcoming weekend will be busy catching up on some Week 1 readings I hadn’t done and clearing readings for Week 2 so I can begin on essays that are due in Week 4 as well as preparing for three days of absence from school. The grind never stops, it seems, but I’d like to think this helps one to become a better person over time.



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