Recent happenings


Uploaded some recordings of me playing for church service today. They can be seen as follows, though none are particularly spectacular

Don Moen & Paul Wilbur – Blessed Be The Lord (Church Service 161016)
Sam Evans – How Could I Live Without You (Church Service 161016)
Reuben Morgan – One Day (Church Service 161016)

Lots of books to read after finals are over. Going for a couple of camps in Dec, looking forward to them. Wonder how Mystera Legacy’s doing, but not sure if I’ll go back due to having other things to do/games to play if I so desire.

The recent post on despondency – what happens when you don’t guard your heart. Unfortunately regrettable, but I guess I walked blindly into that.

Week 10 coming straight up – three essays due soon, and haven’t started on them. God help us all~

Also pretty difficult to find others to collab with. For anyone’s that’s a vocalist/instrumentalist and are interested to collab musically on songs ranging from anime to J-pop or Gospel, check this out and indicate your interest there~

Until then, let’s have a look at Bismarck. Mr. ‘Marck, or BizzyMarck, or Da Biz Man, as I like to call him. Cool dude.