KF2 Server updates and upcoming Coscon

Written in some updates for the Server Policy on servers that I run taking into account the recent 1043 update for KF2. SWAT’s out and some new stuff, but school so not playing.

Through a series of interesting events, will be going with a friend for a…cosplay convention/Club & Society event/random fun and games thingy.  Nijikon 2016, organized by NUSCAS. I don’t know how many that visit this blog are J’philes/weebs/cosers, but if you’re also interested, head on down to uTown this Sat. Will not be taking part in the booth games regardless of my cos status, but should be fun to just walk around.

Actually looking at the upcoming events (henceforth referred to as Coscons), probably will not be appearing for many of them due to school schedule conflicts. Then again, it’ll be interesting to see what has changed since I last left. Perhaps in Dec after finals are over, if they so happen to have a Cosfest Xmas.

Alright, back to work. Will look out for weebs this Sat!



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