8 covers up, couple of BGs.

A slightly longish post, so I’ll insert a spoiler tag for a neater front page.

School starts in one day!

And so it seemed like a good idea to clear some songs I wanted to record. I started off having heard Yours Is The Kingdom and wanting to cover it, then came across Just As I Am (I Come Broken) when looking for suitable CG worship songs, then Let Creation Sing, This Is Our God and Worthy Of It All jumped on the bandwagon somehow.

I recalled playing Jesus I Need You for service last weekend and found it to be a nice song, so that and re-covers of Leave Me Astounded and This Is Our Time rounded up this batch of drum covers. With the exception of Jesus I Need You, the other covers didn’t really stand out to me. I suppose I’m also more of the ‘toms’ stage where I’m exploring buildups on the tom rather than rolling around, though I did roll several times quickly in a few videos and for a prolonged period in a couple of covers.

Also when going through past covers, apparently my cover of High School Musical’s ‘We’re All In This Together’, shoddy though it was, garnered 800+ views thus far, easily outstripping many of other covers that I’ve recently recorded. I guess it goes to show that what matters isn’t so much of the cover’s quality but rather how little covers there are of that particular song and how famous or popular it is.

Also was looking for some new BGs for my SP3 and found it to be wanting, so I’ve edited a couple of photos with text and am putting them up for others to use if they want. The first is a picture of a cross taken from a Chrome theme (the original picture can be found here) and uses paraphrased text from Raildex’s light novel, specifically that of the antagonist Biagio Busoni who says ‘The weight of the Cross corrects the haughty.’

I prefer ‘humbles’, and so you have the following picture:

Also shifted the words slightly to the right for those intending to use this for a Surface picture login screen. Overall it looks kinda nice, if I do say so myself~

The other BG I’ve finished adding words to is based off the quote ‘Earth is now. Heaven is forever.’ The only picture I could find of it wasn’t that majestic, so I found a nicer BG (original picture from here!) and added the same words to it~

Because it’s pretty big at 5999 by 3777 pixels though, it probably needs scaling or something if used as a wallpaper. Also all special fonts used were taken from DaFont.com, which is an awesome place to get cool looking fonts from. You can even preview multiple fonts of the same text before choosing what to download, so it’s quite useful.

Finally, it seems like I don’t have school on Monday and Wednesday, so I’ll be coming back to school on Thursday. Wahaha~ but I still need to bid for my GE on Monday >.>


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