4k hits and quick update re: bidding

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New milestone of 4k hits, which is cool. Mostly thanks to surprisingly high traffic last night of 290 views. Might be small for other websites, but for a blog that has little to offer aside from module reviews, it’s quite a lot 😮

Wanted to give a head’s up on bidding for a particular case: Apparently one can only bid for a GE mod in round 2 if it’s from a basket/stream that one has not done before. This is more relevant to those from the 2015 cohort and onwards of course, that utilize the GES/H/R/Q/T system.

Basically, let’s say you’ve done one GES mod already and you want to do another and classify it as a U/E, you’ll have to wait till round 3 to bid for it, when bid points are likely to be much higher (due to those that wanted to do that mod already getting it in Round 2A/2B). Somewhat unfortunate, but I believe this is to allow for those that haven’t done anything within that GE basket to get their mods easily. I don’t think those from earlier cohorts will face this problem with their 1 Sci/1 Arts or 2 Sci/2 Arts + 2 breadth + 1 SS system, so yep.

Finally, school’s starting in less than a week, so prepare the best y’all can. Looking forward to the holidays after school’s over to write module reviews again and maybe more than that~


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