Another module reviewer and random stuff

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Was randomly looking around NUSMods, chanced upon another reviewer and thought it would be relevant to do a shoutout (if it can be considered one) those that are looking for other modules which I might not have reviewed.

Hazel writes about her travels, but perhaps of more interest would be her reviews of three modules thus far: NM1101E, NM2102 and CFG1010. The last one is a module that one gets either in their first, second or third semester of study (used to be only second or third semester), and it’s useful since I couldn’t find any review of that mandatory 0 MC mod anywhere. Different formatting aside, she also does include pictures (which I’m reluctant to do so for module reviews, since bandwidth is limited as a non-self-hosted WordPress site), so those interested in/taking CNM should definitely check her reviews out and hope for more.

Moving on, I’ve considered also stating the modules that I’d be taking this semester in the same way that Esther did, since the modules are more or less confirmed after round 3B’s over. Still, it might be a bit awkward for me if someone saw a list of which modules I was in, realized that we were in the same mod and came up after a lecture or tutorial and went ‘eyyy sup, you’re the guy that wrote a module review for effective reasoning eh?’. Or something along those lines anyway, I kinda doubt anyone would care enough haha (and let’s keep it that way, I have enough strangers that recognize me from certain lectures…dafaq’s up with that?)

So eh, the mods I’m in will be known (and listed, and reviewed) after exams are over. though an industrious person could guess based on some past posts Until then, no point listing them here: Keep a low profile (lie low live longer) and just stay focused.

Have fun y’all~

4k hits and quick update re: bidding

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New milestone of 4k hits, which is cool. Mostly thanks to surprisingly high traffic last night of 290 views. Might be small for other websites, but for a blog that has little to offer aside from module reviews, it’s quite a lot 😮

Wanted to give a head’s up on bidding for a particular case: Apparently one can only bid for a GE mod in round 2 if it’s from a basket/stream that one has not done before. This is more relevant to those from the 2015 cohort and onwards of course, that utilize the GES/H/R/Q/T system.

Basically, let’s say you’ve done one GES mod already and you want to do another and classify it as a U/E, you’ll have to wait till round 3 to bid for it, when bid points are likely to be much higher (due to those that wanted to do that mod already getting it in Round 2A/2B). Somewhat unfortunate, but I believe this is to allow for those that haven’t done anything within that GE basket to get their mods easily. I don’t think those from earlier cohorts will face this problem with their 1 Sci/1 Arts or 2 Sci/2 Arts + 2 breadth + 1 SS system, so yep.

Finally, school’s starting in less than a week, so prepare the best y’all can. Looking forward to the holidays after school’s over to write module reviews again and maybe more than that~