Instagram and Apologies for an advert link

Module bidding season is in full swing, and the blog has seen 160+ hits in two days since bidding begun…today.

And in first place, we have the Review of GET1026 – Effective Reasoning clocking 436 views as of this post! It’s a new record!

Coming up second, but looking to be a close contender, is Review of GET1008 – Public Speaking and Critical Reasoning at 349 views! Less than a 100 views separate it from first place, and this may yet overcome the current champion of module reviews when GE bidding begins in round 2A!

Somewhat (un?)surprisingly, the Review of GER1000 – Quantitative Reasoning is in distant third at 108 views. Clearly, as the top three module reviews have to do with reasoning, visitors to my blog are either very well reasoned or…looking to become well reasoned. Wahaha~

Although much traffic has came from these reviews (instead of ‘Roe the Rambler’, it looks like this site will become more well known for ‘Roe the Reviewer’. Well it’s still alliteration so I don’t mind too much), it’ll probably die down when school starts and everyone’s too busy to read through these random posts. Probably.

Speaking of traffic, I’d like to apologize for the presence of a link directing one to an ad somewhere on this site. After chatting with The (encouraging) Celebrator, he’s informed me that many have went to the Mega sites to check out module materials, but there is a strange link called ‘’ that is taking those which click on it to an advertistment page.

I’ve checked through all 10 reviews to make sure that their links aren’t taking one to where they aren’t supposed to be, and they all indeed do direct one to the correct folder. Hence, if you’ve clicked on (accidentally or otherwise) something that redirected you to an ad page, do let me know (either replying to this post or contacting me through other means) what that link was and I’ll investigate further. I’m NOT monetizing this blog, and for the near future, I definitely don’t intend to. So making sure that people go where they want to go is also part of my job as the blog’s administrator.

And do have my sincere apologies. It’s something I’ve just realized now, and seeing that it’s on the ‘Top Clicks’ counter (aka The encouraging Celebrator), I fear many have been troubled by something that shouldn’t have been there. As mentioned above, help me find the link that’s amiss and I’ll look through it.

Finally, why the heck is my Instagram link also being clicked on (haha). The shameless Advertiser and I put it there not thinking anyone would click on it, but it’s pretty high up on The encouraging Celebrator’s list of top clicks for…some reason.

Either some people are curious to find out what ‘Roe the Rambling Reviewer’ looks like (I’m not Adonis, so tallish, thin with short hair and specs) or they’ve been misclicking when trying to click on my Twitter or Youtube account. Y’all butterfingers.

For those disappointed by the lack of personal photos on Instagram (that’s where I mostly post funny pics that catch my attention) and are interested in stalking me, you can find out how I look by cross-referencing from my Facebook account and some random pictures that may exist.

Alright, it’s late and signing off. I should really change my Facebook name someday.


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