2k hits and a shoutout

Just thought I’d make a post about the blog hitting 2k hits. Mostly due to module reviews, a big jump by the interview with Vanilla Dream and that’s about it. Also a short essay I wrote about the history of Foreground Eclipse, which now looks quite unprofessional compared to later works.

In any case, I was checking my mail and saw a follow from sliding tackles. Browsed through her/his/their site and they also have module reviews! Although the formatting and style is a bit different, it’s well worth checking out since others may be looking for mods/reviews that I’ve not covered in my limited scope of mods done. On my end, I’m looking forward to her/his review on GEH1022 and might do EU1101E this sem or next, going by what was covered.

Finally, Esther also types/shares about her life in some detail that I’ve rarely reached. It’s quite something to come across that, I suppose, given that most of these can be quite personal and may be difficult to talk about even when surrounded by close friends. So it might be of interest to Christians since she exhibits the frankness that seems common among those whose identity isn’t in their academics or hobbies, but that of Christ.

Round 1A bidding starts next week, so this weekend will be testing of timetables based on preallocated modules >.>



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