Slight edits to Index of Reviews

Realized it was a considerably hassle to find the Index of Module Reviews and copied it to make a new page, which is now nicely accessible from the top. I have no plans to do a drop-down list since it might be a bit messy, so I’ll just let people find the modules they want from the Index.

Finished the last three reviews of outstanding modules before MPE ends in a couple of days, hopefully it helps someone. Or maybe not, since those modules are only available in Sem 2. Regardless, it’s done~

Feeling a bit better, so plans are going to start running again. Couple of covers and maybe some video editing, that sounds about right.

Update 2047: I have uploadedย all lecture notes (except for PS2255, don’t have any for some reason) and slides to the relevant OneDrive folders. That includes the popular GET1026 folder that seems to have been clicked on quite a bit and GET1008 that…well, is trying to beat GET1026 in terms of popularity. With the lecture slides, past exam questions and a few of my own notes, this is probably the closest one would get to taking the module and sampling the content without actually having bidded for it.

Go check the module’s links again for those you’re interested in. It’s been updated with slides, some of them are quite useful.


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