TIL WordPress had trouble connecting to Facebook

Now Playing: You Raise Me Up – Selah (I like this version better, since they actually sing the second verse instead of repeating the chorus for the rest of the song after singing the first verse for a grand total of once.)

Since my last activity on Facebook is the guide I wrote for Kritika SEA’s Dimension Controller, I’ve fixed it, but only after the interview with Vanilla Dream was published. So here’s an update for the Facebook side.


  1. Reflections for VCF FOC 2016: Light Source – What happens when one encounters the unexpected.
  2. Review of GER1000 – Quantitative Reasoning – The pre-allocated module everyone gets but hardly anyone likes.
  3. Review of JS1101E – Introduction To Japanese Studies – The go-to module for Japanophiles, yours truly included.
  4. Vanilla Dream Shuppatsu! – An interview with the dance and vocal group from Singapore!

With any luck, future posts will automatically be sync’d to Facebook so there won’t be a need for summary cross-linked posts like this.

Also, made a showreel comprising of past videos I’ve done try to be something more than a slideshow to music. Watching through it is quite nice, since the improvement is noticeable from my earliest videos. A VCF FOC 2016 video will have to wait till the end of next week, perhaps, when more raw material is available.

Finally, upcoming PS camp tomorrow. Nonplussed but let’s see how things go.


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